Secret Sever Version 10.0 is here! What will be your favorite new feature?

  • Scriptable Discovery (Enterprise Plus or Advanced Scripting Add-On)
    • Administrators can create PowerShell scripts to customize Discovery for local accounts and service accounts
    • Domain specific settings for service accounts, remote connection type, and extended account information have been moved to the relevant scanner on the Discovery Source page
    • NOTE: Custom SSH, SQL, and PowerShell script Dependencies are now managed as Dependency Templates for simplification of administration and integration with custom Discovery sources. Custom scripts will no longer be directly assignable as Dependencies on Secrets.
    • See the Scriptable Discovery Overview KB article for more information and example usage

See more at https://thycotic.com/products/secret-server/resources/release-notes/?utm_medium=Organic-Social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=secret-server-trial&utm_content=161011&utm_term=161011_secret-server-trial