Privileged Behavioral Analytics 101 – How does PBA strengthen IT security

By Chris Widstrom According to Forrester, it is estimated that 80% of breaches involve privileged accounts. Many of those breaches are due to compromised privileged accounts or insider abuse. Our Privileged Account Management tool, Secret Server, already assists you by safeguarding your privileged accounts by storing them in an encrypted repository where you can launch sessions using the … [Read more...]

Two new platforms, more ways to automate and secure

By Melanie Hart It's certainly been a busy few months here at GFI Software. Our developers have been busy finalising not one but two brand new products that have been in Beta since the end of November. Source:: GFI TalkTechToMe-All … [Read more...]

Canada and the U.K. hit by Ramnit Trojan in new malvertising campaign

By Jérôme Segura Figure1: Pop-under advert fires up RIG EK (blocked by Malwarebytes) The first stage redirection includes a link to within two different JavaScript snippets. This Traffic Distribution System (TDS) mostly loads benign adult portals/offers via ExoClick. The actual malvertising incident takes place next with a 302 redirect to a malicious TDS this time, which performs … [Read more...]

Free Hyper-V Script: Update WDS Boot ID for a Virtual Machine

By Eric Siron Use this Free Script from Eric to update Windows Deployment Services Boot ID for a VM in Hyper-V. WSD is great when you discover it - check it out here.Read the post here: Free Hyper-V Script: Update WDS Boot ID for a Virtual Machine Source:: altaro … [Read more...]

Integrate Everywhere with

By Diane Garey Successful vulnerability management (VM) programs aren't isolated programs. Successful ones include active participants from multiple teams who can share data and results with each other, so that everyone benefits from greater visibility, automation and control. And while in the past VM providers haven't made their products easy to integrate with, that changes with™. We … [Read more...]

What is Virtualization?

By Kayla Myrhow What Is Virtualization? In the realm of computers and software, virtualization is the act of using a virtual version of hardware, software, operating systems, and networks. Virtual versions, as opposed to actual versions, allow for an emulation without losing functionality. Virtualization on a computer is similar to picture-in-picture on a television: You have two pieces … [Read more...]

Shared responsibility model: The complicated relationship between customer and provider in cloud security

By Debra Littlejohn Shinder Moving IT assets to the cloud offers many benefits to organizations. It can save costs, it can increase convenience for users, and it shifts some (but not all) of the burden of administration and security. Source:: GFI TalkTechToMe-All … [Read more...]

Chinese PUPs and backdoor drivers: making systems less secure since 2013

By Zammis Clark PUPs affect systems all across the world and are developed in many countries. A few weeks ago I came across an installer for a China-developed WiFi hotspot application, targeting English speakers, and being dropped by one of the major PUP bundler networks (it has since started to be dropped by another). The SHA-256 hash for the installer is … [Read more...]

Twitter app spams Fappening bait and Amazon surveys

By Christopher Boyd With news of another so-called Fappening (nude photos of celebrities distributed without permission) doing the rounds, it was inevitable that scammers would look to take advantage. We've already seen message board aficionados warn others of dodgy download links and random Zipfiles claiming to contain stolen nude photos and video clips, but today we're going to look at one … [Read more...]

National Cybersecurity Policy Adjustments

By Amit Yoran Securing the government's information systems is one of the most important tasks facing the new administration. It is a challenge that agencies have struggled with for over 20 years, and with the increasing complexity of federal networks, it is becoming more difficult. Like their private industry colleagues, agencies are turning to cloud and IoT technologies to increase access and … [Read more...]