Thycotic Continues to Deliver Record Breaking Sales Growth in Q2 2018

Stellar Quarter Driven by Strong Adoption of Innovative PAM Technology, High Customer Satisfaction and Analyst Recognition WASHINGTON, D.C., July 17, 2018 — Thycotic, provider of privileged account management (PAM) solutions for more than 7,500 organizations worldwide, completed a highly successful quarter – setting a higher benchmark in terms of new customer acquisition, existing … [Read more...]

The Complete Guide to Azure Virtual Machines: Part 2

Our Azure Virtual Machines guide continues this time explaining how to create a network security group and begin to deploy Virtual Machines under Azure. Read the post here: The Complete Guide to Azure Virtual Machines: Part 2 … [Read more...]

The DPO role and why you should consider outsourcing it

Under the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which came into force on 25 May 2018, certain organisations are required to appoint a DPO (data protection officer). An organisation is required to appoint a designated DPO where it is a public authority or body, or where its core activities consist of either: Data processing operations that require regular and systematic monitoring of data … [Read more...]

How to Create a Parallels RAS Template

How to Create a Parallels RAS Template  Parallels RAS can automatically generate and deploy two types of templates on demand using configurable RAS Templates: one for VDI desktops and another one for RD session hosts. This allows administrators to create and deploy guest virtual machines on the fly, saving a great deal of time. Follow these steps to deploy a RAS Template using Parallels RAS.  1. … [Read more...]

Magniber ransomware improves, expands within Asia

This blog post was authored by @hasherezade and Jérôme Segura. The Magnitude exploit kit is one of the longest-serving browser exploitation toolkits among those still in use. After its inception in 2013, it enjoyed worldwide distribution with a liking for ransomware. Eventually, it became a private operation that had a narrow geographic focus. During 2017, Magnitude delivered Cerber ransomware via … [Read more...]

A week in security (July 9 – July 15)

Last week, we talked about domestic abuse fuelled by IoT, doing threat intel programs right, blocking ICO fraud, and man-in-the-middle attacks. We also explained why we block shady ad blockers and provided tips to online shoppers for Prime Day. Other news: Reports revealed that low-end Android devices sold in Egypt, Brazil, South Africa, Myanmar, and other developing markets contain pre-installed … [Read more...]

Windows PowerShell: Automating common admin tasks

Back in 2012, I wrote a number of blog posts that highlighted the efficacy of PowerShell and how it could be used to make your life as a sysadmin easier. This article builds on Windows PowerShell: Extracting Strings Using Regular Expressions, Windows PowerShell: Essential Admin Scripts (Part 1), and Windows PowerShell: Essential Admin Scripts (Part […] … [Read more...]

Compliance: What You Need to Know About Configuration Audit Variables

Whether assessing systems against your organization’s own security policy or industry benchmarks and standards, configuration auditing is critical to compliance. Security policies are defined via .audit files. This blog post will help you get the most accurate and complete information when using .audit files. Trying to determine if your organization’s systems are configured in accordance with your … [Read more...]

What Part Does Data Access Governance Play in Securing Unstructured Data?

Unstructured data consists of any type of data that exists beyond the scope of an organization’s application or database. Such data includes things like word documents, audio files, videos, photos, webpages, presentations, and so on. The amount of unstructured data that companies store has exploded in recent years due to the rapid increase in storage capabilities. While it is true that many … [Read more...]

Online anonymity has allowed cyber crime to thrive

Online anonymity is a complicated topic. There’s no doubt that the elasticity it gives our identities is a massive benefit. We can explore different sides of our personality without affecting the reputation of any other part of us. Unfortunately, that’s also proven to bring out the worst in some of us, with people committing acts online that they would never do in person. Cyber bullying and mob … [Read more...]