7 tips to stay cyber safe this summer

By Wendy Zamora You've probably already seen the back-to-school ads on TV and rolled your eyes a little bit. We're with you: There's still plenty of summer left. That's why we want to remind you about some of the cybersecurity pitfalls you might encounter during the remainder of the summer season. Whether you're home with the kids or heading out on vacation, here are some ways you can tighten up … [Read more...]

To Understand Whether Your Company Is Inclusive, Map How Your Employees Interact

To gauge the impact of diversity and inclusion efforts, companies typically track metrics on the hiring, attrition, promotion, and composition of the current workforce. While such statistics are useful, they don’t provide a fully accurate picture. In reality, diversity and inclusion are not merely the number of nonwhite male employees you have. Rather, a truly inclusive organization contains a … [Read more...]

Mobile App Development from Orthology!

We build software from scratch for your unique needs, we turn ideas into meaningful apps! Through our own in-house software design & development team, we provide you with custom solutions that improve your business management, increase profit and reduce costs. We design and develop web-based, mobile applications for companies who either want to improve their internal operations or who … [Read more...]

“As I thought, Druva is the most powerful backup tool!”

By Swapna Jayachandran Shinji Saito has worried about data backup for quite some time. As the chief information security officer at Tokyo-based cloudpack (Iret, Inc., an Amazon Web Services managed services provider), Saito wanted the highest quality of protection for his company's and their customers' data. He recognized the need to establish a robust data recovery plan from PCs and corrupt … [Read more...]

Hansa Market on Dark Web was controlled by Dutch police

By Pieter Arntz In a simultaneous press conference issued by the Dutch police and US Attorney General Jeff Sessions we learned that the Dark Web market places Alphabay and Hansa market have been seized and shut down by international cooperating authorities. As it turned out Hansa Market was already under control of the Dutch police for 27 days. After the take-down by Canadian, US, and Thai … [Read more...]

Auditing Patch Management Solutions with Tenable.io

By Stephanie Dunn We receive many questions from customers on how to configure scans to audit their patch management solutions. Whether you have a few hundred or several thousand systems, patch management solutions provide one of the easiest ways to maintain integrity and stability of systems within your network. Unfortunately, no matter what type of solution you are using, or how often you are … [Read more...]

5 Security Policies every CISO Must Enforce Now

By Carolyn Price Chief Information Security Officers, CISOs, bear some of the heftiest weights on their shoulders of anyone in an organization. Single-handedly, depending on their security policies and the enforcement of them, they can be responsible for the success or downfall of an entire company. It is, literally, a thankless position because usually nobody says a word until something goes … [Read more...]

Creating Nested Hyper-V machines with Windows Server 2016

By Adrian Costea Nested virtualization is ideal for experimenting with virtual machines. Find out how to set up a nested Hyper-V virtual machine in Windows Server 2016Read the post here: Creating Nested Hyper-V machines with Windows Server 2016 Source:: altaro … [Read more...]

Terror EK actor experiments with URL shortener fraud

By Jérôme Segura Terror EK is an exploit kit made from a mishmash of stolen code and with very limited distribution. In the past few months, we have seen a few minor updates to its code base which remains largely simplistic in comparison to professional-grade exploit kits of the past such as Angler EK, or modern-day Astrum EK. We recently observed activity from one actor that appears to be doing … [Read more...]

Is the Devil’s Ivy in your Network?

By Cody Dumont Over the past several years, Tenable has discussed the growing concerns around Internet of Things (IoT) security. With the static nature of IoT devices such as cameras, door sensors, and many more, the ability to correct flaws in third-party libraries becomes increasingly difficult. Yesterday, the researchers at Senrio discovered a serious flaw in the gSOAP library found in many … [Read more...]