Level Up Program

By Yadin Porter de León

Tech professionals are trying, sometimes even struggling, to move forward with their projects, their certifications, and their careers, and the process of separating the signal from the noise in order to know what resources are out there to best accomplish what you need to get done can be a daunting task. With countless blogs, online courses, YouTube videos, vendor documentation, events, podcasts and social media channels, it’s hard to tell where the best places are to get information or the best people to reach out to with questions. We want to help.

The Level Up program is simply this. We want to contribute to the technology community in a meaningful way, as a completely separate effort from our products and services. That’s it, full stop.

So how are we doing this? As we launch we’re keeping it simple, focusing on listening first then contributing second. As the program matures, so will the offerings and the only way we will grow is by providing valuable content, support, and resources in ways that make a real impact in the efforts and careers of the those we are engaging with. Community feedback and validation will be the cornerstone of accomplishing this goal.

Current Project: The 2017 User vTrail Map
Launch Date: VMworld 2017

Email: levelup@druva.com
Twitter: @Tech_LevelUp
Slack Channel: tech-levelup.slack.com

Lead Advocate: Yadin Porter de Leon
Twitter: @porterdeleon

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