GFI Software Announces GFI Prime, a Customer Loyalty Program

GFI Prime is designed to reward loyal customers through completely free access to a selection of smartly engineered software solutions, available to customers using GFI Software products for more than one year. Eligible customers will be able to download and deploy first-class software products in the areas of security, communications and productivity, complementing GFI products they already own and use.

“Through over two decades of doing business, GFI Software has gained thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. This experience helped us realize that we can significantly impact the performance of IT organizations, only by focusing on additional ways in which we can help them achieve their daily objectives and make their lives easier and better. With GFI Prime we join our product portfolio and the needs of our customers, enabling them to build safer, more reliable and high performing IT environments”, explains Andre Muscat, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer at GFI Software.

Read more at http://www.gfi.com/company/press/2016/09/gfi-software-announces-gfi-prime-a-customer-loyalty-program