Wyden pushes WH for state election security scorecard, campaigns as critical infrastructure

Sen. Ron Wyden (D. Ore.) formally requested the Executive Branch give states report cards on election security and for political campaigns to be designated as critical infrastructure. Those are two of four "concrete steps" suggested by Wyden in... … [Read more...]

Trump ‘strongly’ objects to cyber provision in defense bill

President Trump is voicing strong objection to language in the defense policy bill that requires him to develop a national policy for cyberspace and cyberwarfare, charging that it and other provisions “raise constitutional concerns.”... … [Read more...]

How to Install VMware Workstation Pro on a Linux Host

While Windows remains the host OS of choice on which to install VMware Workstation Pro, Linux is a viable alternative as you'll learn reading this post. Read the post here: How to Install VMware Workstation Pro on a Linux Host … [Read more...]

Free Hyper-V Script: Virtual Machine Storage Consistency Diagnosis

Free PowerShell script that identifies inconsistencies in the distribution of files on a virtual machine. Includes guide to use and associated parameters Read the post here: Free Hyper-V Script: Virtual Machine Storage Consistency Diagnosis … [Read more...]

Setting up your First Puppet Master Server

 If you’re managing servers and aren’t using an infrastructure-as-code solution such as Puppet, Ansible or Chef, be warned: you should be. … [Read more...]

A state of constant uncertainty or uncertain constancy? Fast flux explained

Last August, WireX made headlines. For one thing, it was dubbed the first-known DDoS botnet that used the Android platform. For another, it used a technique that—for those who have been around in the industry for quite a while now—rung familiar in the ears: fast flux. In the context of cybersecurity, fast flux could refer to two things: one, a network similar to a P2P that hosts a botnet’s … [Read more...]

Alabama Supreme Court stays judge's order to preserve voting records in Senate election

The Alabama Supreme Court has reportedly stayed a lower court’s order to election officials that would have required the preservation of voting records in Tuesday’s Senate special election.A circuit judge on Monday ordered ... … [Read more...]

10 Hacks For Safer Cyber Citizenship – Hack #9

The more connected you are in today’s internet world, the more opportunities there are for unwanted visitors to break in. You have to protect those access points. … [Read more...]

PAM Risk Assessment: your first step to better privileged access control

These days Privileged Access Management and Privileged Account Management (PAM) are interchangeable terms that get a lot of attention. There’s a reason why PAM is fast becoming a top-of-mind cybersecurity issue:  up to 80% of cybersecurity breaches are associated with the abuse or misuse of privileged account credentials. And these credentials readily give hackers or malicious insiders access to … [Read more...]

Announcing Nessus Professional v7

New capabilities give security practitioners, consultants and pen-testers greater flexibilityWe’re pleased to announce Nessus Professional v7. More than 20,000 organizations today use Nessus Professional and there are more than a million and a half Nessus users worldwide. You, the Nessus community, have made Nessus one of the most important and trusted solutions in the industry. Over nearly 20 … [Read more...]