Kaspersky files injunction challenging government's software ban

Kaspersky Lab filed an injunction in court on Wednesday in an attempt to block the Trump administration’s order that bans its products from being used on federal systems, after the government deemed that Kaspersky antivirus... … [Read more...]

New Chrome and Firefox extensions block their removal to hijack browsers

What you don’t see won’t hurt you, must have been the reasoning of the threat actors who created the latest batch of extensions that make these browser hijackers even more difficult to remove. The extensions redirect users away from pages where they can disable or delete them in order to drive clicks up on YouTube videos or hijack searchers. The extensions, which have been found in … [Read more...]

The Actual Performance Impact of Spectre/Meltdown Hyper-V Updates

A real-world performance benchmarking of the Spectre and Meltdown patches on Hyper-V Hosts. Includes overall discussion of the issue and best practices Read the post here: The Actual Performance Impact of Spectre/Meltdown Hyper-V Updates … [Read more...]

Managing Amazon S3 with Python

Whenever you're building and maintaining infrastructure for your company or an open-source project, you're probably using Amazon Web Services (AWS). … [Read more...]

Should You Standardize “Tech” Across Your Clients?

There was a time when I thought I was doing my clients a favor by adapting to their technology stack and not forcing them to adopt a standard range of devices. It was part of my value proposition. I was saving them money. I was their hero.  Then I hired another technician, and the nightmares began.   A Question of Scale Read More … [Read more...]

How to transfer data to a ‘third country’ under the GDPR

The European Commission released a notice to stakeholders last week called “Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Union and EU rules in the field of data protection”. The notice states that as because the UK has triggered Article 50 and will no longer be part of the EU on 30 March 2019, it will become a ‘third country’. Unless a withdrawal agreement can be established before the withdrawal … [Read more...]

Russian hackers move to new political targets

Russia’s cyber operations against the United States are showing signs of accelerating even as lawmakers grapple with how to deter and respond to the threat.Moscow-linked hackers have expanded to new political targets, including the U.S. Senate, in... … [Read more...]

Case Study: TSG Networks Replaces Citrix with Parallels Remote Application Server

TSG Networks Replaces Citrix with Parallels RAS to Serve Customers with Faster, Simpler Virtualization Solution   Company Overview: TSG Networks TSG Networks – Based in El Cerrito, California, TSG Networks (http://tsgnetworks.com/) was founded by siblings Gloria Burt and Teryl Burt in 1979. Within the first six years, their company earned a place on the INC 500 Fastest-Growing Private … [Read more...]

Netflix users targeted by another email scam

Netflix users have once again been targeted by another sophisticated email scam. The new phishing scam targets users in an attempt to harvest their credit card details. Australian cyber security company MailGuard first spotted the email, which reads: “We attempted to authorise the Amex card you have on file but were unable to do so.” The email then users to updates their details via a web … [Read more...]

TeamViewer’s approach to secure internet of things (IoT) connectivity

How TeamViewer is enabling customers to confidently connect, monitor, and control new things every day. By better understanding their operations and processes, businesses have always been able to create new efficiencies and reduce costs. Using intelligent sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies promise to not only help gather process metrics, but also to introduce a degree of autonomy that … [Read more...]