Equifax: What you need to do right now

By Joseph Carson

The news of the mega breach at Equifax is significant not just because of the size of the breach, but due to the sensitivity of the information stolen which ultimately enables cyber criminals to target their victims on multiple fronts including but not limited to Identity Theft, Financial Fraud or changing existing information or security controls on other sensitive accounts.

It is time to step up the activity monitoring and enabling additional security controls which to be honest at this point should be mandatory and not optional.

Many technologies exist that help proactively protect digital identities. They help to detect when new identities are created using your personal information or when someone tries to modify your existing identity. They also provide credit monitoring and check abnormal financial activities. This is something that has existed for a long time but it might be worth revisiting your current settings and increasing the sensitivity on the credit checking and limiting credit amount. If you have not done so already, enable multi-factor authentication on any accounts relating to sensitive information or financial access including alarms when any settings are changed. One important measure is to check exactly which of your personal information was disclosed and exactly the accuracy. Sometimes the information may be older though it is best to check how valid it may be. It is also important to understand that personal data is linked to security controls so it is best to avoid using any of the stolen information as a security control in the future, for example, resetting passwords or changing account information.

It is time to be cautious and monitor your account activity for at least the next year or this might be the time to make it a permanent check.

Source:: Thycotic