Announcing the latest update to Altaro VM Backup: Continuous Data Protection

We’ve been working hard here at Altaro to deliver a few major new features for your favorite backup and recovery application. We hope you’ll love them! Introducing Altaro VM Backup 7.6 We always take customer and community feedback very seriously when it comes to determining what comes next, and once again we’ve delivered on some of the most commonly requested features for Altaro VM Backup. … [Read more...]

Everything you need to know about NIST 800-53

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (simply referred to as NIST) sets the security standards, guidelines and recommended security controls for the Federal Information Systems and Organizations.  This extensive database of publications includes the FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards), SP (NIST Special Publications), NISTIR (NIST Internal Reports) and the ITL … [Read more...]

GFI WebMonitor 11 – protecting you from the big, bad internet

Malware comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Different attacks have different vectors and surfaces. Whether an attacker just wants to cause damage, to steal credentials, to get valuable data, find a backdoor into your system, or ‘use you’ to make an even bigger score, they must first get you (or your machine) to do something bad, like run code. It’s not just your users’ inboxes you have to … [Read more...]

5 Steps for Developing a Successful Data Access Governance (DAG) Program

Unstructured data (which includes emails, PDFs, documents, presentations, intellectual property and any other data that may exist beyond the scope of your application or database) is fast becoming a prime target for cyber-criminals. To ensure that your unstructured data is sufficiently protected, you will need a Data Access Governance (DAG) program. A common issue, however, is that … [Read more...]

June 2018 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Here in Texas, although summer doesn’t “officially” arrive until later in the month, it certainly feels like summertime with temperatures in the 90s every day. We are “walking in sunshine” here on the lake. As they say, when you’re hot,  you’re hot. And of course, security never ceases to be a hot topic. June headlines include reports that three fourths of U.S. federal agencies are facing … [Read more...]

Win10 April Update: tips for when it goes wrong (Part 3)

In Part 1 of this 3-part overview of the Windows 10 April Update (also known as version 1803) we looked at some of the more user-centric new features. In Part 2, I discussed the enhancements that probably aren’t of much interest to most consumers but are significant additions for IT pros. Now in Part 3, we’ll wrap it up with a discussion of some of the problems that have been encountered in … [Read more...]

Win10 April Update: What’s new for IT pros? (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this 3-part overview of the Windows 10 April Update (also known as version 1803) that started rolling out to the public in early May, we looked at some of the more user-centric new features such as the Timeline, Focus Assist, Nearby Sharing, and Edge tab muting. While many IT professionals will find these useful, as well, there is another group of enhancements that probably aren’t of … [Read more...]

Win10 April Update: Was it worth the wait? (Part 1)

Microsoft uses the term “Windows as a service” to describe Windows 10 but there has been some confusion within the IT community as to exactly what that means. In a nutshell, there will no longer be distinct versions of the operating system as we knew them in the past (Windows 3.1, Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc. In keeping with the new “agile” philosophy in software development, … [Read more...]

Download TeamViewer 13 And Tap Into The Future

Source by: TeamViewer Blog TeamViewer 13 is brimmed with features that let you tap into the future to securely solve the challenges you face today. available! Try TeamViewer Now! You and your team want to deliver excellent work, focus on the important aspects of a task and satisfy your customers or help out your colleagues. In order to do so, you need a tool that is as smart … [Read more...]

Google Wifi’s Network Check now tests multiple device connections

Wi-Fi is a necessity for tons of connected devices in our homes. And when it isn’t working the way you expect, it can be a bit of a black box to troubleshoot. Google Wifi’s Network Check technology has always let you measure the speed of your internet connection and the quality of the network connection between your Google Wifi access points (if you have more than one). But what about that new … [Read more...]