How to Deal with a Boss Who Stresses You Out

Discussions of leadership tend to focus on its positive outcomes, such as innovation, employee engagement or organizational performance. However, for the majority of employees, the leaders in their organizations are a source of stress rather than inspiration. Indeed, for every transformational leader and emotionally intelligent manager out there, there are dozens of toxic bosses, and they come in … [Read more...]

To Understand Whether Your Company Is Inclusive, Map How Your Employees Interact

To gauge the impact of diversity and inclusion efforts, companies typically track metrics on the hiring, attrition, promotion, and composition of the current workforce. While such statistics are useful, they don’t provide a fully accurate picture. In reality, diversity and inclusion are not merely the number of nonwhite male employees you have. Rather, a truly inclusive organization contains a … [Read more...]

How to Ask for the Job Title You Deserve

Your job title isn’t everything — but it does matter. When you’re offered a new role, or have been in the same position for some time, how should you think about what title you deserve? How do you decide whether it’s worth negotiating? If you don’t think you can get a raise, should you even ask for a change in your title? And what about the other side of the coin: How should you respond if your … [Read more...]

4 Ways Managers Can Be More Inclusive

Management teams and organizations that prioritize inclusion attract better talent and perform better. Dozens of studies have demonstrated that more-diverse teams make better decisions than less-diverse teams. Read more here … [Read more...]

How to Set More-Realistic Growth Targets

Many executives are fond of promising to deliver growth, but far fewer realize those ambitions. This is because many fundamentally mismanage the growth gap, which is the difference between their growth goals and what their base businesses can deliver. Filling the gap requires either innovative new offerings or acquisitions. That’s where the trouble starts — it is easy to be fooled by rosy … [Read more...]

What to Do When Your Heart Isn’t in Your Work Anymore

In an ideal world, our work lives would be completely fulfilling, full of meaning, and intrinsically motivating. But what if they’re not? What if you’re stuck in a job or a career that you once loved, but your heart isn’t in it anymore? Read more here … [Read more...]

Employees Who Trust Their Managers Are More Likely to Trust Their CEOs

In the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer survey, only 37% of global respondents rated CEOs to be sufficiently credible, continuing the pattern of low trust in recent years. These results are worrisome because within the organization, trust in organizational leaders is linked to employees’ intention to stay, compliance with strategic decisions, and unit performance. Read more here … [Read more...]

Younger and Older Executives Need Different Things from Coaching

Eric, 33, a high-potential vice president at a financial services firm, was elated to be selected by his supervisors to receive executive coaching. This meant he was being groomed for ascendance. His boss wanted him to be a more motivating leader to his team. In coaching, while Eric focused on learning ways to motivate the talent on his team, he didn’t address deeper issues, like his … [Read more...]

Are Free VPN Apps Worth the Risk? Experts Say ‘No’

The Google Play app store holds about 250 Android apps that provide access to virtual private network (VPN) services. The bad news? Many of these VPN apps could actually be sabotaging your security and privacy. A recent study by U.S. and Australian researchers found that many Android VPN apps were potentially malicious, let third parties spy on "secure" transmissions, tracked users or just … [Read more...]

How to Manage Your Star Employee

Managing your star performers should be no sweat, right? After all, they’re delivering results and exceeding targets. But don’t think you can just get out of their way and let them excel. They require just as much attention as everyone else. How do you manage someone who is knocking it out of the park? How do you keep stars excited about their work? And what risks should you watch out for? Read … [Read more...]