Unlimited possibilities with GFI Software

Unleashing the power of GFI Unlimited was exciting last week as GFI Software welcomed established distribution partners from around the world to beautiful Scalaria, St. Wolfgang im Salzkammergut in Austria to take a closer look at the growing GFI Unlimited software library of network security and communications solutions. The GFI Software Distributor Forum 2018: Unlimited Possibility event was … [Read more...]

Exciting changes for GFI Software

Did you know GFI Software was acquired by Aurea in 2015? Aurea, founded in 2012 and based in Austin, Texas, is the technology behind some of the world’s greatest customer and employee experiences, for the largest and most successful brands. Until now, GFI has operated separately to Aurea. To maximize and leverage the strengths of both organizations, Aurea is bringing GFI Software., Kerio … [Read more...]

Recognize a phishing attack, then stop it dead in its tracks

There are many, many ways that malicious attackers trick normal hard working people into handing over prized data, be it looking for financials, personal information or sensitive documents. Just last week, I received an email purporting to come from a business partner, requesting that I pay our company’s contractor a specific amount of money IMMEDIATELY. Bank account details were … [Read more...]

How to Protect Your Customers Against the Rising Tide of Malvertising

Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to generate illicit income, but that doesn’t mean they are ignoring old favorites—like malvertising. What is malvertising? The very fact that advertisements are so commonplace has led to them becoming a familiar part of the online landscape. Most often considered either an unwanted annoyance or necessary evil, online ads can actually be something … [Read more...]

Should You Still Prioritize Exploit Kit Vulnerabilities?

One of the greatest challenges that enterprises face is prioritizing vulnerabilities for remediation. Trying to determine which vulnerabilities pose a true imminent risk deserving of immediate attention can feel like a game of Whac-A-Mole due to the sheer volume of critical vulnerabilities. An analysis of CVE data by Tenable Reseach’s Lucas Tamagna-Darr shows the number of disclosed … [Read more...]

Why Knowledge is Power In PAM

Guest post from Alpha Generation a Thycotic certified partner who specializes in IT distribution with a focus on proactive security in the UK. As you’d expect, we think the right technology is a critical part of IT security. Tools for Privileged Account Management (PAM) are a vital addition to your security stack, protecting against threats that firewalls and antivirus systems simply … [Read more...]

Interview: How NPS scores help GFI Customer Support reach for the sky

GFI Software is continually striving to provide the best customer service support possible. Every day is a learning experience. Our customer support team analyzes daily wins and challenges to improve processes. This past week, we sat down with Dennis van Wagtendonk, GFI Software Customer Support Manager to discuss how his team utilizes NPS or Net Promoter Score to measure their performance … [Read more...]

Three Steps To Develop A Holistic Help Desk Optimization Strategy

IT help desks often focus on metrics and efficiency, which makes sense. When problems arise, quick solutions to restore business productivity are essential. It’s easy to fall into the trap of zeroing in on numbers, but the problem is that you’ll lose track of bigger picture goals. It’s key to make sure that your efficiency goals don’t prevent you from delivering the best possible solutions and … [Read more...]

Blocks for Flash and others coming to Office 365

Source by: Malwarebytes Labs If you’re a user of Microsoft Office products such as Word and Excel, you’re probably aware that they’ve been used as inroads for malware for a long, long time. But what about malware attacks without Macros? Sure. Macro malware for Macs? That, too. Malicious documents and spying tools? Danger, Will Robinson. We have some good news and some bad news. The good … [Read more...]

How to Switch Between Mac and Windows on Parallels Desktop

Source by: Parallels Let’s be honest: to the average person, the idea of running two different operating systems at the same time on one computer is pretty weird. This idea naturally leads to questions like these: How do I know which one I’m using at any one moment? How do I switch between them? Which applications do I use? And of course: Why would I want to do that?  As a … [Read more...]