Advanis tech support screenlocker

By Pieter Arntz Recently we noticed a change on one of the domains that we monitor because they are known to host files related to tech support scams and involved in browlocks, fake alerts, and screenlockers. The domain and the screenlocker At the moment the installer is being pushed by InstallCapital which is a pay-per-install network . The domain hosting the installer is called … [Read more...]

New targeted attack against Saudi Arabia Government

By Malwarebytes Labs A new spear phishing campaign is targeting Saudi Arabia governmental organizations. The attack originates from a phishing email containing a Word document in Arabic language. If the victim opens it up, it will not only infect their system but send the same phishing document to other contacts via their Outlook inbox. We know that at least about a dozen Saudi agencies were … [Read more...]

ESG Research Reveals New Modern Data Protection Trends for 2017

By Ryan McCurdy A second tier of challenges hovered around 25 percent very confident including SaaS applications, company-owned endpoint devices, and cloud-based virtual machines. Respondents felt least confident with the security of employee-owned BYOD devices, with only 18 percent very confident responses.When ESG asked respondents to identify their biggest data protection challenges with … [Read more...]

Hackers threaten to wipe Apple devices

By Thomas Reed According to a report from Motherboard, a group of hackers calling themselves “Turkish Crime Family” is threatening to remotely erase devices belonging to hundreds of millions of Apple customers. They will do this on April 7, they say, if Apple doesn't pay them a ransom. The hackers claim to have access to over 300 million iCloud e-mail addresses (addresses ending in, … [Read more...]

How to keep mission critical email online

By … [Read more...]

How to run Microsoft Outlook on Mac

By Kayla Myrhow When it comes to running Microsoft Outlook on a PC versus Mac, the choice between the two is often less a question of need and more a question of preference. It is essentially the specific functionality of these products that creates the user preference. Preference can, of course, be influenced by need, and every user [...] The post How to run Microsoft Outlook on Mac appeared … [Read more...]

MDaemon 17 Adds New Security and Collaboration Features

By Brad.Wyro Dropbox Integration for Webmail Users, Popular IM Client Connections, Support for Let's Encrypt, new Message Scheduling, and More! Businesses around the world have depended on the reliability and security of MDaemon for over 20 years. With the release of MDaemon 17, we've included additional security features and introduced several new features for WorldClient, MDaemon's … [Read more...]

SMS phishing for the masses

By Jérôme Segura Phishing remains one of the top threats that affects both consumers and businesses thanks to ever evolving tricks. While ‘classic' phishing emails remain a problem, they can somewhat be thwarted via spam filters, whereas SMS phishing scams are much more difficult to protect against. Case in point, here's a fraudulent text message purporting to be from RBC, a Canadian financial … [Read more...]

Prioritize Hosts Dashboard

By David Schwalenberg Vulnerability ManagementWhat systems on your network need attention now? With all the administrative work you need to have done by yesterday, how do you prioritize mitigation efforts to deal with host vulnerabilities? The enhanced vulnerability detection capabilities of™ can help you make the best prioritization decisions for keeping your network … [Read more...]

Cloud-Native Data Protection Solutions for Government

By Swapna Jayachandran Federal Government IT managers face a daunting challenge. They're asked to ensure that the collection, processing and storage of data used by their agencies adheres to the strict security and operational regulations that govern certain types of sensitive information. This all needs to be done despite shrinking budgets and the difficulties of leveraging legacy … [Read more...]