Another day, another attempt to scam me – but I know a phishing attempt when I see one!

It’s just a fact of life: If there’s email, there will always be spam. Now, how much spam you have to deal with will depend on how good your spam filtering solution is. Here at MDaemon Technologies, we use our own products – MDaemon and Security Gateway, to filter out spam, malware, phishing attempts, and all of the other junk that often floods inboxes of users whose email server … [Read more...]

Webinar:”How to Start Your Least Privilege Cyber Security Journey”

From the basics to discovering actionable steps to planning your least privilege cyber security strategy, don't miss our upcoming "How to Start Your Least Privilege Cyber Security Journey" webinar on Thursday, February 28th. Register now: http://bit.ly/2Ik4YY3 Learn more about Thycotic Secret Server here … [Read more...]

How to Figure Out How Much Influence You Have at Work?

A banker in Southeast Asia wanted to allow employees of a car rental agency to buy used cars from the employer. But not a single business unit was able to put together that product. Different units were stopped either by the existing product portfolio, the underlying risk, or regulatory guidelines. One of the banker’s colleagues, however, was able to facilitate valuable introductions across the … [Read more...]

Office 365 Pack Subscription Features and Benefits

What are the features of the Office 365 subscription pack? The Microsoft Office 365 suite has been designed to meet the expectations of many professio... Continue reading … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your VPN with SDP

Reading Time: 5 minutesToday, growing network endpoints and the rise of the cloud and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) devices have made secure network access complicated and difficult to manage. Traditional security solutions such as firewalls, web proxies, and intrusion prevention systems do not provide needed visibility into the network. Without analytics, IT administrators aren’t able to manage … [Read more...]

What is Workflow Automation?

Everyone has a morning routine that proceeds nearly the same way every day. We get up, brush our teeth, take a shower and put our clothes on. Every morning, this predictable routine repeats itself. It's like clockwork. It rarely, if ever changes. Think of your morning routine like a workflow. … [Read more...]

The Challenge of IT Cost vs Performance

In over 30 years in the IT business, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve heard an IT manager say, “The budget is not a problem. Cost is no object.” It is as true today as it was 30 years ago.  That is, increasing pressure on the IT infrastructure, rising data loads and demands for improved performance are pitted against tight budgets.  Frankly, I’d … [Read more...]

Did You Know Your PSA Can Help You at Tax Time?

Taxes can be one of the worst parts of owning your own business, as you may be sharply reminded at this time of year. With constantly changing rules and regulations, proper record keeping is one of your most important business tasks.  While most of the information required at tax time can be found in your accounting system, sometimes things slip through the net—which is when your PSA solution … [Read more...]

Industrial Security and Tenable.sc Converge to Close the IT/OT Cyber Exposure Gap

Until now, security leaders have lacked visibility into the risk posture of the operational technology (OT) environments that are critical to their organization’s digitization initiatives. Security leaders now have a single platform to manage and measure cyber risk across both IT and OT. Business-driven digitization initiatives increasingly require interconnected IT and OT systems to optimize … [Read more...]

The new cloud security question PAM experts need to answer

Enterprises are no longer asking, “is the cloud secure?” with the same anxiety and fear they expressed just a few years back. As long as cloud-based IT resources are protected in a highly secure environment (such as SOC2 data centers) and demonstrate advanced security controls, enterprises have gotten on board the cloud train. The pace and scale of cloud adoption has accelerated rapidly. Today, … [Read more...]