How to Run the New Age of Empires III DE on a Mac with Parallels Desktop

I have written several times in the Parallels blog about my most favorite game franchise of all time: Age of Empires (Here, here, and here). Since Age of Empires is a Windows game, when I want to play it, I use a Windows virtual machine (VM) in Parallels Desktop – and that is why I write about Age of Empires here.  The last few years have seen a real resurgence in Age of Empires. (“There … [Read more...]

FERPA, HIPAA, and Compliance in File Transfer and Storage

With the rising risk of a data breach, regulatory compliance is not optional. Avoid falling out of compliance with FERPA and HIPAA through proper encryption, user management, network protection, and the use of managed file transfer. … [Read more...]

FIFA 21 game scams: watch out for unsporting conduct

Despite COVID-19, soccer season is slowly ebbing its way back into daily life around the world. It’s also sneaking back onto TV screens in the form of huge-budget video games. Step up to the plate, FIFA 21. FIFA games: the football juggernaut The FIFA series is an absolute monster in terms of sales, clocking in at around 280 million copies across 51 countries over the lifetime of the … [Read more...]

Silent Librarian APT right on schedule for 20/21 academic year

A threat actor known as Silent Librarian/TA407/COBALT DICKENS has been actively targeting universities via spear phishing campaigns since schools and universities went back. We were initially tipped off by one of our customers, and were able to identify a new active campaign from this APT group. Based off a number of intended victims, we can tell that Silent Librarian does not limit itself to … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life of a Business-Aligned Cybersecurity Leader

The future belongs to cybersecurity leaders who can align their objectives with an understanding of business risk. Here are eight daily actions you can take to get there. I've been working in cybersecurity for 20 years. I've been on the technical end performing penetration tests and malware analysis. I've run intrusion detection programs and security operations centers and was responsible for … [Read more...]

Best Practices for a Cybersecurity Audit

Cybersecurity audits help organizations establish whether their current cybersecurity practices, policies and tools are up to the task of keeping their data and systems secure. However, cybersecurity audits can be tricky to do on a regular basis when you aren’t sure exactly what to look for. In this blog, I will go through some best practices for your cybersecurity and internal audit to give you … [Read more...]

October 2020 Patch Tuesday—Smaller than usual, but some systems need patching now

This October Patch Tuesday is the first batch this year that fixes less than 100 vulnerabilities. But don’t be fooled by that, as there are several in this group that do warrant your attention. This month Microsoft fixed a total of 88 vulnerabilities, with 11 marked as “Critical,” and the rest “Important” with one “Moderate” exception. Pay special attention to the “Important” ones I cover this … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s October 2020 Patch Tuesday Addresses 87 CVEs including “Bad Neighbor” Windows TCP/IP Vulnerability (CVE-2020-16898)

For the first time in seven months, Microsoft patches less than 100 CVEs, addressing 87 CVEs in its October release. Microsoft patched 87 CVEs in the October 2020 Patch Tuesday release, including 11 CVEs rated critical. This release follows seven consecutive months of over 100 CVEs patched, in what has been an unusually busy year for Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates. This month's release includes … [Read more...]

Deploying Your Industrial Cybersecurity: 4 Tips For Success

Securing industrial environments requires a form factor that is optimal for your business. The latest Tenable.ot product updates provide greater freedom to deploy your security and manage threats the way you want to see them. Every modern industrial organization needs a plan for securing their operational technology (OT) environments. If that wasn’t already clear, the latest alerts from the U.S. … [Read more...]

NCSAM: Detecting the Latest Cyberthreats

Last week, we talked about preparing your customer environments and preventing threats from even reaching devices or accounts in the first place. You need this solid foundation to keep customers safe.  But security isn’t static. A decade ago, you may have been able to just put up a firewall and use AV alone, then call it a day. Viruses were typically just nuisances, rather than major … [Read more...]