PSA vs ITSM vs ESM: Part 2—Which is the right fit for your MSP?

In the second part of this blog series, I’m going to look at the differences between PSA, ITSM, and ESM platforms in more detail so you can get a better understanding of how they can work for your business. If you haven’t already checked out the first part of the series, you can … [Read more...]

What is Data Leakage and How Do You Prevent It?

What is Data Leakage? Data leakage is when sensitive data is unintentionally exposed to the public. Data can be exposed in transit, at rest or in use. Data exposed in transit can include data sent in emails, chat rooms, API calls, and so on. Data exposed at rest may be the result of a misconfigured cloud storage facility, and unprotected database, or from lost or unattended devices. Data exposed … [Read more...]

Fake Trezor app steals more that $1 million worth of crypto coins

Several users of Trezor, a small hardware device that acts as a cryptocurrency wallet, have been duped by a fake app with the same name. The app was available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store and also claimed to be from SatoshiLabs, the creators of Trezor. According to the Washington Post, the fake Trezor app, which was on the App Store for at least two weeks (from 22 January to 3 … [Read more...]

Introducing Parallels Toolbox 4.5 for Mac and Windows

“Same great tools, in a new, easier-to-use interface.”  A lot has happened since Parallels® Toolbox was first released in 2016:  The Mac went through six major releases: El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina and Big Sur. The number of tools in Parallels Toolbox has more than doubled. Parallels Toolbox for Windows was released. The Parallels Toolbox for … [Read more...]

A deep dive into Saint Bot downloader

This post was authored by Hasherezade with contributions from Hossein Jazi and Erika Noerenberg In late March 2021, Malwarebytes analysts discovered a phishing email with an attached zip file containing unfamiliar malware. Contained within the zip file was a PowerShell script masquerading as a link to a Bitcoin wallet. Upon analysis, the obfuscated PowerShell downloader initiated a chain of … [Read more...]

Pre-installed auto installer threat found on Android mobile devices in Germany

Users primarily located in Germany are experiencing malware that downloads and installs on their Gigaset mobile devices—right out of the box! The culprit installing these malware apps is the Update app, package name com.redstone.ota.ui, which is a pre-installed system app. This app is not only the mobile device’s system updater, but also an Auto Installer known as … [Read more...]

Aurora campaign: Attacking Azerbaijan using multiple RATs

This post was authored by Hossein Jazi As tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia continue, we are still seeing a number of cyber attacks taking advantage of this situation. On March 5th 2021, we reported an actor that used steganography to drop a new .Net Remote Administration Trojan. Since that time, we have been monitoring this actor and were able to identify new activity where the threat … [Read more...]

4 ways PSA software helps MSP businesses

As the managed services provider (MSP) market grows and companies have more options when it comes to managed services, it becomes even more important for MSPs to do everything they can to increase efficiency within their team to attract and retain customers. Read More … [Read more...]

Tenable and HCL BigFix Leverage Risk-Based Insights to Speed Vulnerability Remediation Workflows with Strategic Partnership

New integration accelerates the vulnerability assessment, prioritization and remediation lifecycle to secure business-critical assets Tenable®, Inc., the Cyber Exposure company, today announced a strategic partnership with HCL BigFix®, a leading endpoint management platform, to bring risk-based insights to the vulnerability remediation lifecycle — from assessment and prioritization to … [Read more...]

Has Facebook leaked your phone number?

Unless you keep your social media at a pole’s distance, you have probably heard that an absolutely enormous dataset—containing over 500 million phone numbers—has been made public. These phone numbers have been in the hands of some cybercriminals since 2019 due to a vulnerability in Facebook that allowed personal data to be scraped from the social media platform, until it was patched it in … [Read more...]