Multi-cloud strategy and how to implement it! | Parallels RAS

What is a multi-cloud strategy? A multi-cloud strategy is a process where an organization uses multiple cloud services for their computing needs. Per a recent Gartner survey of public cloud users, 81% said that they work with multiple providers. Generally, companies that have different requirements for varied data sets adopt this model. For example, if AWS works well for big data analytics … [Read more...]

August  2019 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday  

Patch Central Some like it hot. If that describes you, August in Texas should be right up your alley. We’ve been “enjoying” 100° F temperatures for the past few days, which has me daydreaming about taking another cruise to Alaska as summer goes out in a blaze of glory. Hot or not, the attackers never […] … [Read more...]

Opportunities for the MSP in a Fast-Growing Market

<p>A fast-growing market offers opportunities for many B2B oriented businesses. The bonus for IT service providers is that all sizes and all types of businesses need your services. It doesn’t matter if only one vertical is booming—that vertical depends on IT. From attorneys to retail stores, the dependency on IT is universal and therefore opportunities exist everywhere for MSPs. The key is … [Read more...]

Multiple Denial of Service (DoS) Vulnerabilities in HTTP/2 Disclosed (CVE-2019-9511, CVE-2019-9518)

A variety of Denial of Service vulnerabilities were found in third-party implementations of HTTP/2. Background On August 13, researchers at Netflix published an advisory for their GitHub page detailing their discovery of eight vulnerabilities in the HTTP/2 protocol implementations by third parties. The vulnerabilities were primarily discovered by Jonathan Looney, Engineering Manager at Netflix, … [Read more...]

Improve Performance Without Getting Stuck with Unnecessary and Expensive Hardware

We recently completed a case study with a top construction company who deployed V-locity® I/O reduction software to improve speed on Citrix and SQL applications and avoided unnecessary hardware costs. Performance on Teichert’s Citrix and SQL servers that were running critical applications was beginning to suffer due to the growth of data, increased number of users, and infrastructure … [Read more...]

Trojans, ransomware dominate 2018–2019 education threat landscape

Heading into the new school year, we know educational institutions have a lot to worry about. Teacher assignments. Syllabus development. Gathering supplies. Readying classrooms. But one issue should be worrying school administrators and boards of education more than most: securing their networks against cybercrime. In the 2018–2019 school year, education was the top target for … [Read more...]

TikTok Scams: How Social Currency Fuels the Economy for Impersonation Accounts and Free-Followers-and-Likes Services

The economic engine on social media platforms are the followers (or fans) and likes. Scammers take advantage of this economy, while others seek out ways to grow their following inorganically by impersonating popular creators and celebrities. In part one of our two-part series on TikTok scams, we explored the tactics involved in getting users to sign up for adult dating sites and paying for phony … [Read more...]

TikTok Scams: How Popular Apps and Services Become New Havens for Scammers

As social media platforms become popular, scammers aren’t far behind. One of the more popular social media scams involving adult-dating has started to emerge on TikTok over the last six months. Since March 2019, I’ve been tracking the activity of a number of scam accounts on the popular short-form video platform TikTok. The social media site’s user base took off after it merged with musical.ly in … [Read more...]

ITSM: developing an effective service catalogue

One of the ways to improve communication and alignment between an organisation and its IT service provider is to develop an effective service catalogue. A service catalogue in its basic form is a document that gives customers a list of all live services offered by IT. However, an effective service catalogue can be so much more! It:  Describes what the IT department does and how it adds value to … [Read more...]

The Threat Facing America’s Critical Infrastructure

Perhaps more Americans would take cybersecurity threats seriously if they resulted in disruptions to their Netflix streaming and prevented them from taking hot showers. A lot of the activities we take for granted, including making a coffee in the morning and watching TV in the evenings, are powered by the energy industry. The nation’s power grid not only powers many of our in-house technology, it … [Read more...]