Thycotic Named 2019 Best Places to Work Winner

Rapidly Growing PAM Provider Honored by the Business Intelligence Group WASHINGTON, D.C., February 21, 2019 – Thycotic, a provider of privileged access management (PAM) solutions to 10,000 organizations worldwide, today announced that the Business Intelligence Group has named Thycotic a winner in its 2019 Best Places to Work award program, which identifies the organizations doing all they can to … [Read more...]

SIEM Open Source Overview

Enterprises today face an alarming array of … [Read more...]

Usable Security in Secret Server 10.6 Addresses Top Pain Points of IT Ops

IT Ops teams have spoken, loud and clear. Their top goals for Privileged Access Management are increasing automation and ease of deployment. Over one third of respondents in Thycotic’s recent IT Ops Survey say PAM software that’s “too complex for daily use” hinders its effectiveness. We couldn’t agree more. Secret Server 10.6 is an innovative response to IT Ops concerns. As part of our ongoing … [Read more...]

Detect a Data Breach – Questions That Need to be Asked

Naturally, the faster our security teams can identify a data breach, the faster they can move to eradicate and recover from the incident. The problem, however, is that many security incidents unfold in a very covert manner and can take weeks – or even months to discover. According to the M-Trends annual report by FireEye, the global median “dwell time” is 101 days. The first … [Read more...]

6 must-have information security policies

Information security policies are an often-overlooked part of an organisation’s defence measures. An effective policy informs the way employees handle cyber security threats, ensures that they use defence technologies properly and indicates board-level support for cyber security.  In this blog, we outline six essential information … [Read more...]

What Is an Application Server and How Do You Use It? | Parallels RAS

What Is an Application Server? An application server is a software component-based solution that resides in the middle-tier (between servers and workstations) of a server-centric architecture. It allows data access and persistence while providing a stable, secure, and centrally managed environment. Using an application server is the key to reducing IT costs. Combined with the rapid expansion of … [Read more...]

Highly Critical Drupal Security Advisory Released (SA-CORE-2019-003)

Drupal has released a security advisory to address a critical remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2019-6340). Background On February 20, Drupal released a security advisory (SA-CORE-2019-003) for CVE-2019-6340, a remote code execution vulnerability in its software. This vulnerability has received a security risk rating of Highly Critical as defined by Drupal. Analysis According to the … [Read more...]

Sophisticated phishing: a roundup of noteworthy campaigns

Phishing is a problem nearly as old as the Internet. Yet, criminals continue to reach into their bag of phishing tricks in 2019 because, in a nutshell, it just works. Dialing into the human psyche and capitalizing on emotions such as fear, anxiety, or plain laziness, phishing attacks are successful because they take aim at our weaknesses and exploit them—in much the same way an exploit kit takes … [Read more...]

Using Managed File Transfer (MFT) To Harden Data Security

How is it that so many organizations focus on perimeter defense but do little to protect the target data inside that perimeter? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to protect sensitive data even if the network is breached? … [Read more...]

Good bots, bad bots: friend or foe?

One of the most talked about technologies online today is the ubiquitous bot. Simultaneously elusive yet also responsible for all of civilisation’s woes, bots are a hot topic of contention. If we went purely by news reports, we’d assume all bots everywhere are evil, and out to get us (or just spreading memes). We’d also assume every single person we ever disagreed with online is a bot.  It might … [Read more...]