June 2018 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Here in Texas, although summer doesn’t “officially” arrive until later in the month, it certainly feels like summertime with temperatures in the 90s every day. We are “walking in sunshine” here on the lake. As they say, when you’re hot,  you’re hot.

And of course, security never ceases to be a hot topic. June headlines include reports that three fourths of U.S. federal agencies are facing cybersecurity risk challenges, that nearly half of healthcare executives say cybersecurity challenges are creating merger and acquisition headaches, and that Facebook – which doesn’t seem to be able to stay out of the news in a negative light lately – gave access to data on users and their friends to 60 device makers.

Meanwhile, the major software vendors are playing their usual game of trying to stay a step ahead of the hackers and attackers by discovering and fixing vulnerabilities before the bad guys can exploit them. Microsoft seems to be doing a decent job of that this month, as none of the vulnerabilities covered by the June patches has been reported to be exploited in the wild.

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Source by GFI TechTalk