ZTNA: A World Where You Won’t Be Afraid to Grant Permissions Access

The word trust is a common theme in cybersecurity when it comes to network breaches, yet the idea of lack of trust is what’s highlighted in these breaches. A company’s feeling of safety and security can disappear in a nanosecond once their network has been infiltrated, and all control of networks and applications is lost. … The post ZTNA: A World Where You Won’t Be Afraid to Grant … [Read more...]

Switching from a “Just in Time” delivery system should include planning ahead

As it becomes clear that some things will never again be the same after the global coronavirus pandemic, it is time to prepare for the future. The cybersecurity implications of upcoming changes will be most noticeable in organizations that rely on security models like the software defined perimeter. The software defined perimeter is a model closely related to the zero trust framework, in which … [Read more...]

SASE and Zero Trust Are a Perfect Match

As more and more organizations are shifting their resources and applications to the cloud, we are seeing how edge computing is changing networks. These organizations must enforce policies on their employees for access to the networks and resources which are now in the cloud or on-premises. Additionally, employees are working remotely more than ever and … The post SASE and Zero Trust Are a … [Read more...]

Can Zero Trust Redeem Fintech?

Though the ripples are gentler than they once were, the wake of the 2008 financial crisis is still felt today. Financial regulators around the world have since adopted laws that increase transparency and scrutiny alike, making it difficult for traditional banks to operate as opaquely they once did. This has opened the market wide for … The post Can Zero Trust Redeem Fintech? appeared first … [Read more...]

Zero Trust a Frontline Defense Against Healthcare Attacks

To optimize their nefarious efforts, hackers often employ the admittedly logical strategy of targeting only the most lucrative sources of personal information. With this in mind, medical records bring a particularly greedy gleam to their eyes. The value of a stolen healthcare file is quite literally ten times that of standard identity theft, with hackers … The post Zero Trust a Frontline … [Read more...]

Explained: the strengths and weaknesses of the Zero Trust model

In a US court of law, the accused are deemed to be innocent until proven guilty. In a Zero Trust security model, the opposite is true. Everything and everyone must be considered suspect—questioned, investigated, and cross-checked—until we can be absolutely sure it is safe to be allowed. Zero Trust is a concept created by John Kindervag in 2010 during his time as Vice President and Principal … [Read more...]

6 Non-Disruptive Tips to Get Started with Zero Trust Network Security

Reading Time: 4 minutesZero Trust is an alternative IT security model that remedies the shortcomings of legacy technology by removing the assumption of trust. Under the guiding principle, “Never trust, always verify”, Zero Trust restricts access to the entire network by isolating applications and segmenting network access based on user permissions, authentication and verification. Conventional … [Read more...]