How to Encrypt your Email Messages from MDaemon Webmail in Three Easy Steps!

Whether you work in healthcare, finance, education, or another highly regulated industry, it’s likely that you’re required to meet increasingly stringent regulations on email security and privacy, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But even if these strict requirements do not apply to your industry, you still want to maintain customer trust by ensuring their confidential data … [Read more...]

Never lose an important message. Organize your Inbox with message Categories!

MDaemon’s webmail client is loaded with a variety of features for organization, collaboration and security. As a daily user of MDaemon Webmail (I use it almost exclusively instead of my desktop email client), I like to keep important messages organized so I can find them later. This is made easy with message categories (in addition to follow-up flags). Within the MDaemon webmail client, … [Read more...]

Save Time by Saving Frequently-Performed Searches as Folders

If you’re like me, you like shortcuts that make life easier when performing common tasks. For example, if you work in finance or accounting, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pull up all emails with the word “invoice” with a single mouse click? Well now you can. With the latest release of MDaemon, we introduced search folders in MDaemon Webmail. This week’s 30-Second … [Read more...]

With MDaemon Webmail, you can use the same keyboard shortcuts found in your favorite email client!

If you’re what most would call a “power user,” then you may be used to using keyboard shortcuts. If you’re used to the keyboard shortcuts of another client, such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Eudora, MDaemon’s webmail client has a feature that allows you to continue using those shortcuts. So if you’re used to using Shift+P to print (which is an Outlook shortcut), … [Read more...]

Why Passwords May Not Keep Your Email Safe

We live in an era where the amount of valuable data businesses must store is increasing at an unprecedented pace. Consequently, the number of “bad guys” trying to gain access to that data is also increasing, and hackers have some pretty sophisticated tools at their disposal to try to force their way into your data. They use a variety of tactics, including social engineering, brute force attacks … [Read more...]