Citrix Desktop, What is it and why use it? | Parallels Explains!

Citrix Desktop as an IT term You’ve probably heard a few IT folks mention the term ‘Citrix Desktop’. What exactly is it? How is it different from ordinary desktops? We will talk about that and more in this post. What exactly is Citrix Desktop? When people use the term ‘Citrix Desktop,’ they’re normally referring to a virtual desktop delivered through the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops … [Read more...]

Virtual Office Space | Create Your Own with Parallels RAS

Virtual Office Space Virtual office space is part of the flexible workspace industry that provides businesses a combination of services, space, and technology. It relieves the businesses from bearing the capital expenses of owning or leasing a traditional office. Virtual office space services started in the 1960s and have evolved with technology to include a wide variety of physical and digital … [Read more...]

Windows 7 EOL Is Coming Up! | Parallels Insights

Windows 7 EOL – All Good Things Must Come to an End End of life (EOL) refers to the period when Microsoft no longer supports an operating system or application. Microsoft Windows 7 has been dominant in the operating systems (OS) market, despite it being over nine years old. However, Windows 7 EOL is near as support for Windows 7 will end on January 14, 2020. Windows 7 has already extended support … [Read more...]

DaaS aka Desktop as a Service | Parallels Explains

What Is DaaS? Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is the cloud-based desktop-delivery model where a cloud provider hosts and delivers virtual desktops to users. With the rising cost and complexity of deploying virtual desktops on on-premises servers, organizations are moving their desktop solutions to the cloud. DaaS is an alternative—and far simpler—solution to full-fledged virtual desktop infrastructure … [Read more...]

IT Challenges of Medium-Sized Businesses | Parallels RAS Is Here!

IT Challenges for Medium-Sized Businesses Medium-sized businesses are in a unique position when it comes to dealing with IT challenges. They often have large enterprise-like requirements but must contend with considerably smaller budgets. While this magnifies their challenges even more, there are ways to address them. Talent shortage Medium and large enterprises have nearly the same IT talent … [Read more...]

What Every IT Reseller Needs to Know about the Workplace Evolution

IT reseller hints! The workplace has been going through some major changes lately. In many organizations, people no longer need to go to work physically all the time. Instead, they just simply connect to it. For IT resellers who understand not only what these changes imply but also the technologies that enable them, this phase of workplace evolution offers some golden opportunities. How the … [Read more...]

The Advantage of Remote Working | Parallels RAS

Common Issues Solved with Remote Working One advantage of remote working is solving common issues like traffic. Traffic has been a major problem all over the world for many decades now. In several cities, every person loses more than a hundred hours to traffic every year (some even over 200 hours). If your team’s productivity just keeps getting stuck in traffic, you might have to give remote … [Read more...]

Citrix Software as a Choice for VDI | Parallels Insights

Citrix software as a VDI solution When talking about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), one of the solutions that come to mind is Citrix software. It’s been around since the 1990s. So, it’s built enough brand awareness. However, it’s already 2019. Is it the most suitable VDI solution you can find these days? Which Citrix software delivers VDI desktops? Citrix has several software solutions, but … [Read more...]

Hyper converged systems are the future | Parallels Insights

Hyper Converged Solutions Organizations that are planning to upgrade or realign their datacenter solutions have to consider one important innovation: hyperconverged systems. Hyperconvergence has taken the IT storage world by storm. A hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) enables businesses to integrate multiple IT segments into a single entity while reducing the cost and complexity involved in the … [Read more...]

Microsoft Application Virtualization Usability | Parallels RAS

Is Microsoft Virtualization the best solution? Microsoft Application Virtualization a.k.a. App-V is a great solution for reducing IT operational costs and simplifying endpoint administration. However, it has a few limitations. Let’s talk about what those limitations are and discuss a viable option to overcome them. Microsoft Application Virtualization in a nutshell Microsoft Application … [Read more...]