What Is an Application Server and How Do You Use It? | Parallels RAS

What Is an Application Server? An application server is a software component-based solution that resides in the middle-tier (between servers and workstations) of a server-centric architecture. It allows data access and persistence while providing a stable, secure, and centrally managed environment. Using an application server is the key to reducing IT costs. Combined with the rapid expansion of … [Read more...]

The Challenge of IT Cost vs Performance

In over 30 years in the IT business, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve heard an IT manager say, “The budget is not a problem. Cost is no object.” It is as true today as it was 30 years ago.  That is, increasing pressure on the IT infrastructure, rising data loads and demands for improved performance are pitted against tight budgets.  Frankly, I’d … [Read more...]

What Is Application Delivery? | Parallels Explains

What Is Application Delivery?  Application delivery is a way of delivering applications from a server machine (which can be physical or virtual) quickly and efficiently to workstations. The newer cloud-native application architectures (such as microservices) require a new application-delivery solution: application delivery controller (ADC) software. These solutions optimize application delivery by … [Read more...]

Microsoft WVD: Microsoft’s Latest Offering Is Ready for Launch

Microsoft WVD: Microsoft’s Latest Offering Is Ready for Launch  If you haven’t heard of Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) already, you must have been living under a rock. The technology has been in the news for a few months and is expected to hit the consumer market in the first quarter of 2019.  Let’s get to know more about Microsoft WVD.  What is Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop … [Read more...]

Windows 10 MS. What It Is In A Nutshell

What Windows 10 Multi-Session Is in a Nutshell  Windows 10 MS refers to one of the major features of the recently introduced Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), Microsoft’s virtual desktop offering delivered via Azure. As the tagline implies, it enables multiple users to remote into a single Windows 10 instance at the same time.  Basically, when you create a Windows 10 MS virtual desktop, one of … [Read more...]

Windows Virtual Desktop. What’s Microsoft Planning with it?

What’s Microsoft Planning with Windows Virtual Desktop?  Windows Virtual Desktop has been in the news for quite some time and has a lot of buzz around it. Let’s get to know more about it and what the hype is all about.  What is Windows Virtual Desktop? Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a service offered by Microsoft. It’s designed to let users virtualize different operating systems and programs … [Read more...]

Windows 10 Multi-Session | Parallels RAS Supports It!

Windows 10 Multi-Session  Microsoft recently introduced Windows 10 Multi-Session. This approach has the multi-user benefits of RD Session Host and the new experience advantages from Windows 10 Enterprise. It’s hosted purely on Azure. Also important: Moving forward, the only option to run Office 365 Pro Plus will be on Windows 10—Windows Server 2019 doesn’t support it. Some details to … [Read more...]

Ensure Business Continuity during Extreme Weather with Remote Access

The importance of a robust business continuity plan is once again being brought into focus with recent extreme weather crippling businesses across the globe. An arctic-like deep freeze in US cities and a menacing blizzard in the UK are preventing people from going to the office. But should everyone really stop working? When perilous temperatures force employees to stay at home Currently, Chicago, … [Read more...]

What Is a Thin Client Server? | Parallels Explains

What Is a Thin Client Server?  A thin client server is the server in a particular client-server architecture that has “thin clients” instead of conventional clients. As its name implies, a thin client is equipped with much less computational resources than a conventional client (such as RAM, CPU, and in most cases even storage).    These thin clients can function just like their conventional … [Read more...]

What Is a Load Balancing Server? | Parallels explains

What Is a Load Balancing Server?  A load balancing server is an appliance (hardware or virtual machine) or software application that’s usually deployed between clients and a server farm or cluster. Its main function is to detect available nodes in the server farm, receive traffic coming in from clients, and distribute the traffic to those available nodes.   The manner by which traffic is … [Read more...]