Citrix Machine Creation Services (MCS): What Is It?

What Is Citrix Machine Creation Services (MCS)?  Citrix MCS is one of the many components of the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops infrastructure platform, allowing IT administrators to design and deliver virtual desktops.  How Citrix MCS Works  Using application programming interfaces (APIs), Citrix MCS configures, starts, stops, and deletes virtual machines (VMs) through the underlying hypervisor … [Read more...]

How to Enable Your Team to Access What They Need, Anywhere, Anytime

Going Mobile: How to Enable Your Team to Access What They Need, Anywhere, Anytime Bylined to Paul Fisher, Technical Consultant at Parallels Small businesses face numerous challenges on a daily basis—but enabling their employees to work on any device, anywhere in the office, shouldn’t be giving them a headache. With today’s office workers more likely to grab their phone or tablet than a notepad and … [Read more...]

How Can Businesses Benefit from the AWS Cloud?

What Is AWS Cloud  AWS cloud—short for Amazon Web Services—refers to Amazon’s extensive collection of cloud services, which include EC2 (compute), S3 (storage), Glacier (backup), CloudFront (content delivery network), AWS Data Pipeline (data orchestration), and many others. All these services are priced on a pay-as-you-go model and consumed on demand.  Characteristics of the AWS cloud  As with all … [Read more...]

What Is Citrix Gateway? How and Why Should I Use It? | Parallels

What Is Citrix Gateway?  To answer this question, we first need to answer another: What is a gateway? A gateway is a device designed to provide data communication between a remote network and a local network. In short, users can access remote networks anywhere in the world by using a gateway. A gateway is one of the numerous ways our data is transferred over the Internet.   A gateway provides … [Read more...]

Citrix Presentation Server? You Probably Mean XenApp Or Virtual Apps?

Citrix Presentation Server? You Probably Mean XenApp. Or Perhaps Virtual Apps?  Citrix Presentation Server is one of the many previous iterations of the product we currently call Citrix Virtual Apps. We say “one of the many” because, aside from Presentation Server, there were other product names prior to Virtual Apps. Arranged chronologically, some of those names include the … [Read more...]

Citrix SD-WAN: What Is It and How Is It Used? | Parallels Insights

What Is Citrix SD-WAN?  Formerly known as Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN, Citrix SD-WAN is a software-defined wide area network (WAN) solution designed to ensure optimal network performance and reliability. It comes in three forms: a physical appliance, a virtual appliance, and a cloud-based appliance.   Even before it was called NetScaler SD-WAN, Citrix SD-WAN was known by the following … [Read more...]

Thinking Outside the Box – How to Dramatically Improve SQL Performance, Part 1

If you are reading this article, then most likely you are about to evaluate V-locity® or Diskeeper® on a SQL Server (or already have our software installed on a few servers) and have some questions about why it is a best practice recommendation to place a memory limit on SQL Servers in order to get the best performance from that server once you’ve installed one of our solutions. To … [Read more...]

AWS VDI: Delivering Virtual Desktops with Amazon Web Services

AWS VDI  AWS VDI refers to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s on-demand cloud computing platform. While VDI solutions are traditionally deployed on-premise, it’s now possible to deploy them on the AWS cloud. That ability can be a game changer.    How businesses save costs through VDI Companies who have invested in VDI solutions are already … [Read more...]

Microsoft RDP and Its Current Usage | Parallels Insights

What Is Microsoft RDP  Microsoft RDP is a multi-channel protocol that allows a user to connect to a computer remotely. It grants remote display and input abilities over network connections for Windows-based applications running on a server. RDP is devised to support various types of network topologies.  How Does It Work?  On the server-side, Microsoft RDP uses the video driver to render display … [Read more...]

Citrix Licensing: Confusing Doesn’t Even Describe It! | Parallels Insights

Citrix Licensing: Unnecessary Complications  One of the most difficult things about choosing Citrix for a virtual application and desktop project is having to sift through the complexities of various product licenses to find the right fit for your organization. Unless you manage to untangle the complex web of product lines, editions, and license models, you could end up investing in an … [Read more...]