Zoom watermarking: pros and cons

Metadata, which gives background information on pieces of data, is typically hidden. It becomes a problem when accidentally revealed. Often tied to photography mishaps, it can be timestamps. It might be location. In some cases, it can be log analysis. Many tutorials exist to strip this information out. This is because it can reveal more than intended when it hits the public domain. Default … [Read more...]

Deepfakes and the 2020 United States election: missing in action?

If you believe reports in the news, impending deepfake disaster is headed our way in time for the 2020 United States election. Political intrigue, dubious clips, mischief and mayhem were all promised. We’ll need to be careful around clips of the President issuing statements about being at war, or politicians making defamatory statements. Everything is up for grabs, and in play, or at stake. Then, … [Read more...]

Introducing VideoBytes, by Malwarebytes Labs

We have exciting news for avid readers of Malwarebytes Labs: This week, we’re launching a new, monthly video series that will feature the research, insights, and commentary of our own Adam Kujawa, security evangelist and a director for Malwarebytes Labs. Welcome to VideoBytes, our little corner of threat cinema on the web. The stories we’ll cover in VideoBytes will be similar to the … [Read more...]

Microsoft MVP Dave Kawula on Storage Spaces Direct [Video Interview]

Microsoft MVP Dave Kawula explains what is Storage Spaces Direct and how it can help you simplify the deployment and management of software-defined storage Read the post here: Microsoft MVP Dave Kawula on Storage Spaces Direct [Video Interview] … [Read more...]

Hyper-V’s Actual Hardware Requirements

Hyper-V Server 2012 actually doesn’t need much in the way of hardware in order to operate. You’re going to need more than that to make it really work. The published requirements for Hyper-V Server 2012 are actually the same as […] Read the post here: Hyper-V’s Actual Hardware Requirements … [Read more...]