“Macs Don’t Get Viruses,” And Other Lies

<p><i></i>You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Macs don’t get viruses.” You may even have said it yourself.&nbsp;</p> <p>Unfortunately, it’s a lie.</p> Read More … [Read more...]

Selling Backup: What Leading MSPs Do Differently

<p>Many managed services providers (MSPs) tell us they have trouble selling backup or data protection to their small-business customers. Too many cost-conscious business owners refuse to listen to the advice of their IT professionals, waving away the risks of downtime and data loss, seeing data protection spend as a cost with little benefit. Others think that if they check the box for “I … [Read more...]

Opportunities for the MSP in a Fast-Growing Market

<p>A fast-growing market offers opportunities for many B2B oriented businesses. The bonus for IT service providers is that all sizes and all types of businesses need your services. It doesn’t matter if only one vertical is booming—that vertical depends on IT. From attorneys to retail stores, the dependency on IT is universal and therefore opportunities exist everywhere for MSPs. The key is … [Read more...]

Malware Analysis Overview

<p>Malware, short for “malicious software,” is an umbrella term for dangerous programs that cybercriminals use to target their victims. Malware [https://www.solarwindsmsp.com/blog/how-keep-top-malware-threat] comes in many different varieties, including viruses, worms, Trojan horses, adware, spyware, backdoors, and rootkits.&nbsp;</p> Read More … [Read more...]

Thin Provisioning Explained

<p>In our current digital age, enterprise file sizes and data needs are ever-increasing—meaning managed services providers (MSPs) need to <a href="https://www.solarwindsmsp.com/content/corporate-data-storage&quot; target=_blank>find the right storage solutions</a> for ever-changing client needs. An ideal storage system has sufficient capacity for large amounts of data, … [Read more...]

The Path from Reactive to Proactive

<p>Many IT service providers want to move from reactive to proactive service models.&nbsp;The benefits of recurring revenue, higher profit margins, and more predictable growth are just some of the reasons they aspire to the managed services model.&nbsp;However, there can be significant barriers to moving from reactive to proactive.&nbsp;This article is designed to define the … [Read more...]

How to Protect Your Organization Against Email Spoofing 

<p>Don’t get fooled.&nbsp;</p> <p>It’s highly likely you’ve heard horror stories about email attacks, the most common being about the head of payroll from a big corporation receiving an email from the CFO—requesting confidential financial information or large sums of money—only to discover the email was actually from a cybercriminal disguised as the CFO. By the time it’s … [Read more...]

How Does SSH Protocol Work?

<p>In a business environment that requires 24/7 access, remote networking capabilities are essential. This means managed services providers (MSPs) must know how to secure remote connections for their customers in addition to utilizing remote connections themselves.</p> Read More … [Read more...]

SSD Data Recovery Best Practices

<p>Solid state drives (SSDs) offer a bevy of benefits over traditional <a href="https://www.solarwindsmsp.com/blog/ssd-vs-hdd&quot; target="blank">hard disk drives </a>(HDDs). The primary advantage of SSDs is that they use nonvolatile memory chips that improve performance and loading speed. They use less energy and are more compact, making them perfect for … [Read more...]

Understanding VLAN Trunking

<p>Trunking, a term frequently used in IT and telecommunications, refers to a network configuration that efficiently conveys data between multiple entities without using one-to-one links. Similar to how a tree trunk carries water to every branch and leaf, a network trunk essentially carries multiple streams of signals to the correct locations. For managed services providers (MSPs), trunking … [Read more...]