PSA vs ITSM vs ESM: Part 2—Which is the right fit for your MSP?

In the second part of this blog series, I’m going to look at the differences between PSA, ITSM, and ESM platforms in more detail so you can get a better understanding of how they can work for your business. If you haven’t already checked out the first part of the series, you can … [Read more...]

4 ways PSA software helps MSP businesses

As the managed services provider (MSP) market grows and companies have more options when it comes to managed services, it becomes even more important for MSPs to do everything they can to increase efficiency within their team to attract and retain customers. Read More … [Read more...]

PSA vs ITSM vs ESM: Part 1—What do they do? 

Much like anything in information technology—or IT—we live by the abbreviation of complexity. We do our very best to take things that are complex in nature and simplify them or abbreviate them to a few letters. Yet, sometimes we need to break down our abbreviations so we can properly understand them. Read More … [Read more...]

Endpoint security for Mac: What you need to know In 2021

In 2021, few managed services providers (MSPs) still think of Mac devices as immune to cyberattacks, although many end users still believe it. IT professionals know the unfortunate truth is that Mac workstations and servers can indeed be vulnerable to cybercrimes and data breaches. Furthermore, because these devices are increasingly popular in business settings, the stakes for Mac security are … [Read more...]

A guide to patch management policies for MSPs

With cybercriminals becoming more sophisticated in their attempts to access company systems and data—and with companies taking on more IT assets than ever—patch management is crucial. Managed services providers (MSPs) often have the responsibility of managing patches for multiple customers at a time, complicating things even further.  Read More … [Read more...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Unified Endpoint Management

It’s no secret that businesses across the globe are seeing massive increases in the number of devices being used to establish access to their networks and corporate data. For managed services providers (MSPs), this influx of devices presents a potential challenge, as each of these devices function as an endpoint, thereby introducing a new element of risk for an organization. The exponential rise … [Read more...]

Software renewal scammers unmasked

We’ve been tracking a fraudulent scheme involving renewal notifications for several months now. It came to our attention because the Malwarebytes brand as well as other popular names were being used to send fake invoices via email. The concept is simple but effective. You receive an invoice for a product you may or may not have used in the past for an usually high amount. Feeling upset or … [Read more...]

Does your business (really) need an email continuity solution?

Despite several new communication channels and methods popping up in recent years, email continues to play a critical role in business communications and operations. Email is ubiquitous, used for both business-critical messages and informal communication, and it continues to be required for subscription to almost all online services and collaboration tools. However, although email is one of the … [Read more...]

What partnering with N-able means for you

My parents came here from southern Italy and met in Boston. My father started and ran a construction company when I was growing up. I learned a lot from him; in fact, as a small business owner, I like to think of him as an MSP of a different flavor. One valuable lesson he taught me was to treat everyone with dignity no matter what. No matter whether my father was speaking with a large customer, a … [Read more...]

Data recovery: Part one—are you disaster ready?

Don’t be led astray by the common misconception that a successful backup automatically equates to a successful restore. The hard truth is most MSPs don’t perform periodic testing of their clients recurring backups prior to being called upon to perform data recovery. This is when you find yourself in the uncomfortable situation of going into a recovery scenario not knowing if you will emerge … [Read more...]