When They Leave: Offboarding Policies for Security

<p>It happens. One of your customers’ employees moves on to a new gig. Whether it’s for more pay, more responsibility, or just a change of pace, they’re onto a new adventure.&nbsp;</p> Read More … [Read more...]

What is Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)?

<p>As a managed services provider (MSP), a critical aspect of your job is keeping your customers safe from security threats. Security compromises can come from all directions, and your set of network security tools needs to be diverse. You need to know how to protect your systems (and your customers’ systems) from threats in real time—and, if a threat has already slipped through the cracks, … [Read more...]

How Zero Trust Models Apply to MSPs

<p>Information technology enables businesses to grow rapidly and accomplish their goals. As a result, IT professionals should balance enablement and productivity with security.&nbsp;</p> Read More … [Read more...]

Active Directory Cleanup Best Practices

<p><a href="https://www.solarwindsmsp.com/blog/difference-between-ldap-ad&quot; target="_blank">Active Directory</a> is a Microsoft scripting tool that manages domain information and user interactions with network services. Read More … [Read more...]

How Do You Know When You’ve Met “the One?”

<p>It’s February, and love is in the air. Or maybe not? We all know managed services providers (MSPs) like to periodically shop around to see if the “one” partner is out there, to provide their remote monitoring solution. What are the key things to look for to help you decide if the grass is truly greener? Or if you really have found “the one?”</p> Read More … [Read more...]

Migrating a Customer to Your Business from Another MSP

<p>When a customer decides to jump ship from their existing managed services provider (MSP) to you, it usually is not an amicable situation with the other MSP. There are many things that need to be considered, including the potential that the other MSP could become hostile once they know they are being fired. Here are a few of the things to plan and look out for when this situation … [Read more...]

February 2020 Patch Tuesday Update:  One of the Largest by Vulnerability Count

While January 2020’s “Patch Tuesday” release from Microsoft wasn’t large in size, it had a few “high profile” vulnerabilities that demanded immediate attention. February is a different story.  At the time the patches were released, Microsoft reported only one of the vulnerabilities had an active exploit against it. There are a whopping 99 individual vulnerabilities fixed across operating … [Read more...]

How to Move up the Automation Maturity Model—Part 3: Beyond the Basics

<p>In previous blogs in this series, I discussed how partners typically fit in four main automation maturity categories. The categories include partners who aren’t interested in automating, partners who are interested but aren’t sure how to start, partners who have started the journey towards automation, and partners who automate anything they can.</p> <p>If you haven’t read … [Read more...]

What is Network Discovery?

<p>In the modern digital age, companies are relying on larger networks than ever before. But these networks aren’t just bigger; they’re also more dynamic. With an influx of BYOD policies, SaaS applications, and a myriad of other digital transformation initiatives, it has become more difficult for managed services providers (MSPs) to gain visibility into their customers’ network topology: … [Read more...]

How to Stay Safe from Office Macro-Based Malware with Email Security  

<p>Microsoft Office macros have been spreading malware since the late '90s, ranging from Melissa to well-known ransomware applications such as Locky or the Dridex banking malware. However, as users learned how to combat these threats, this type of attack fell out of favor with hackers.&nbsp;</p> Read More … [Read more...]