How to Build a Strong Social Marketing Presence

“How can we build and nurture a strong social marketing presence?” This is a question we get asked regularly by our customers, and it's something that can really help you grow your business.  Read More … [Read more...]

SIEM Open Source Overview

Enterprises today face an alarming array of … [Read more...]

Google Drive Security Best Practices

<p>While people tend to compare file storage service Google Drive to its biggest competitor, Dropbox, there’s a good argument to be made that the two platforms serve fundamentally different markets. Google Drive has tons of special appeal to enterprise clients: It’s great for collaboration, offers 15 GB of free storage, and allows access to the entire G Suite ecosystem of apps. But none of … [Read more...]

Did You Know Your PSA Can Help You at Tax Time?

Taxes can be one of the worst parts of owning your own business, as you may be sharply reminded at this time of year. With constantly changing rules and regulations, proper record keeping is one of your most important business tasks.  While most of the information required at tax time can be found in your accounting system, sometimes things slip through the net—which is when your PSA solution … [Read more...]

How to Fix High CPU Usage for Windows

The symptoms of high CPU usage are familiar: the cursor moves jerkily and slowly, and applications begin to lag or shut down. The workstation might even begin to physically heat up as it strains to perform tasks. When diagnosing a malfunctioning system, these are signs you should start by checking the processor.   Luckily, it’s actually fairly simple to look under the hood of a Windows … [Read more...]

Protecting O365 and G Suite Email—A Layered Approach 

It’s no secret that technology giants Microsoft and Google have the biggest market share globally in terms of their office suite technology. According to … [Read more...]

PSA Overkill: Is Your PSA Managing You?

Overkill /ˈəʊvəkɪl/ noun • More than what is needed. An excess of something beyond what is required or suitable for a given purpose. ______________________________   Read More … [Read more...]

Five Steps to Marketing Your Business, Part 1: Messaging

In this age of rapidly increasing media consumption, it isn’t hard to find what you’re looking for. Whether that’s the best restaurant in a new city or the best managed service provider (MSP), the path to get there is strikingly similar. Your potential prospect conducts some searches, tries to get recommendations, researches some competitive differences, and ultimately looks for a connection that … [Read more...]

Why You Should Care About Advanced Threat Protection

In cyberspace, attackers are honing their skills and using more advanced techniques to silently compromise systems. Advanced threat protection systems offer targets a way to defend themselves against determined intruders. Here’s how. To understand what advanced threat protection is and why it’s so important, we have to understand advanced persistent threats (APTs). These are attacks in which an … [Read more...]

New Report from SolarWinds Shows Positive Health Check for Managed Services

SolarWinds MSP has unveiled a new report on the health of managed services across North America and Europe. The findings show managed services continue to drive profitability for IT service providers and reveal opportunities for future growth.   Read More … [Read more...]