Demystifying two common misconceptions with e-commerce security

Online shopping has seen a dramatic increase in the months following the Covid-19 outbreak as more and more people opt-out of visiting physical stores. Such a phenomenon does not go unnoticed or without additional consequences. During the same time period, we have seen an increase in the usual scams but also digital skimming, the online equivalent of credit card theft. As a consumer, you may be … [Read more...]

What is UAC Virtualization?

Everything you need to know about UAC Virtualization, a service intended to limit system-level changes to privileged Administrative accounts Read the post here: What is UAC Virtualization? … [Read more...]

Fast and Flexible SharePoint Workflows with MOVEit 2020.1

Thanks to input from MOVEit users the latest release includes also: Expanded Single Sign-On (SSO), MS SQL 2019 Support, Gateway Multi-Org Support & more! … [Read more...]

A week in security (September 12 – September 18)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we looked at journalism’s role in cybersecurity on our Lock and Code podcast, gave tips for safer shopping on Amazon Prime day, and discussed an APT attack springing into life as Academia returned to the real and virtual campus environment. We also dug into potential FIFA 21 scams, the return of QR code scams, Covid fatigue, and the absence of Deepfakes from … [Read more...]

What All Admins Must Know About Microsoft Active Directory

Azure AD is the directory for your Microsoft 365 tenant, as well as the Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platform for your Azure PaaS and SaaS deployments. Read the post here: What All Admins Must Know About Microsoft Active Directory … [Read more...]

FERPA, HIPAA, and Compliance in File Transfer and Storage

With the rising risk of a data breach, regulatory compliance is not optional. Avoid falling out of compliance with FERPA and HIPAA through proper encryption, user management, network protection, and the use of managed file transfer. … [Read more...]

What is Electronic File Transfer (EFT)?

Electronic file transfer, abbreviated EFT is a procedure that follows an electronic format and protocol to exchange different types of data files. … [Read more...]

Mobile File Transfers On The Go

Transferring files quickly and securely in a modern business environment is a challenge with various devices, methods, and environments an individual may find themselves in. … [Read more...]

How to Secure Your Apps and Data with Azure Active Directory

Do you know how OAuth attacks work? Learn how to use Multi Factor Authentication and Conditional Access to help protect your business. Read the post here: How to Secure Your Apps and Data with Azure Active Directory … [Read more...]

Microsoft Security Updates from Ignite 2020

At Ignite 2020 Microsoft announced new security capabilities and a rename of most tools. How does this fit into the overall security of your company? Read the post here: Microsoft Security Updates from Ignite 2020 … [Read more...]