The Good Bad & Ugly of Getting Backups Off-Site

Ensuring your backups get off-site is the second most important task a backup administrator is responsible for, second only to ensuring the backups complete in the first place. The “1” in the 3-2-1 rule is that one of your backups needs to be off-site. A copy of the data that you’re protecting should be somewhere other than the data that you’re protecting. Amazingly, … [Read more...]

Why do I need to back up Salesforce?

Backing up salesforce is one of the most important things to do to protect your sales organization, and there are multiple reasons why it’s important to do so:Salesforce says to do itThe Salesforce.com page on recovering data says that Salesforce recommends to “use a partner backup solution that can be found on the Appexchange.” Even though they have a recovery service, they do not recommend it as … [Read more...]

Backing Up Critical Salesforce Data to the Cloud

People assume that once you’ve sent data to the cloud, there’s a copy somewhere. After all, email lasts forever, right? Likewise, people tend to assume that cloud-based SaaS apps like Salesforce keep data forever — which they do, for limited use cases. The problem is that this partial solution can lull IT managers into a false sense of security. They know that Salesforce has some kind of backup … [Read more...]