Fintech industry developments, differences between Europe and the US

“Put your money in the bank and you can watch it grow.” If there is a statement that shows us how much the financial world has changed it’s this one. With the introduction of negative interest, companies and consumers with a large amount of liquid assets are looking for a different way to handle those assets. This is where the innovative fintech industry comes into play. What is … [Read more...]

Irish government proposes cyber safety education in schools

An Oireachtas committee released a report calling for primary and post-primary schools in Ireland to introduce cyber safety to their curriculums. It adds that schools should: Appoint digital safety ambassadors, who would help students who have concerns about their cyber safety and security; Encourage and accommodate peer-to-peer workshops on cyber safety; and Have children host education and … [Read more...]

More than half of Irish organisations aren’t ready for the GPDR

The majority of organisations in Ireland won’t be compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the time it takes effect, according to a survey by the organisers of Dublin Data Sec 2018. The survey polled more than 350 Irish organisations, asking them about their preparations for the Regulation and their approach to cyber security. It found that most organisations were aware … [Read more...]