A week in security (June 18 – June 24)

Last week, we took a deep dive into SamSam ransomware, looked at ways how to identify and delete malicious emails, recognized that there are now risks affecting job recruitment portals, analyzed a malicious Android app banking on the popularity of Fortnite, and identified causes and solutions for the skills shortage in cybersecurity. Other news Security researchers pointed a finger at China for … [Read more...]

PSA: Recruitment portals and job sites at risk

Readers of Malwarebytes Labs aren’t new to the social engineering tactics of malcontents to get users to respond to fake job offers via email. In 2014, we wrote about spam claiming to be from the recipient’s supposed work application to a “Career Services Department,” only to be redirected to a site where a potentially unwanted program (in the guise of a video player) was … [Read more...]