5 simple steps to securing your remote employees

As remote working has become standard practice, employees are working from anywhere and using any device they can to get the job done. That means repeated connections to unsecured public Wi-Fi networks—at a coffee shop or juice bar, for example—and higher risks for data leaks from lost, misplaced, or stolen devices. Think about it. Let’s say your remote employee uses his personal smart … [Read more...]

Public Wi-Fi Risks and How You Can Easily Protect Your Clients from Them

Reading Time: 3 minutesPublic Wi-Fi is an incredible free resource for business people on the road. However,  there are many dangers associated with Public Wi-Fi. Utilizing a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the safest ways to keep data away from those who will exploit it for profit or sabotage. In this Webinar, we discuss how a cloud-based … The post Public Wi-Fi Risks and How You … [Read more...]