Oath rolls out unified bug bounty program

Oath has rolled out a unified bug bounty program, rolling existing bug bounty initiatives across its four different programs—Tumblr, Yahoo, Verizon Digital Media Service (VDMS) and AOL—into a single offering on the HackerOne platform. “Surfacing vulnerabilities and resolving them before our adversaries can exploit them is essential in helping us build brands people love and trust,” said Chris … [Read more...]

Thycotic Secret Server & Nessus in coexistence

Orthology Ltd consists of specialized and certified IT professionals which focus on delivering software solutions! This time, we are here to announce the coexistence of two professional software which combine powerful safety and control! ''Thycotic secret server is an entreprice password management software and Nessus Manager is a powerful detection, scanner and auditing software. Both have … [Read more...]

Introducing MDaemon 18: Single Installer for All Licensed Features, AntiVirus Mailbox Scanning, and Much More!

I’ve got some exciting news. Our latest & greatest MDaemon release is now available for download! With MDaemon 18, we introduce new features that benefit administrators and end-users alike. Let’s go over the top new features. You can view a more comprehensive list of all new features and enhancements in the MDaemon release notes. New Features for Administrators Single Installer for All … [Read more...]

Intel announces new chip designs with built-in security

Intel Monday announced three new measures that will be implemented in a future chip designed to bake security into the hardware following last year's Spectre/Meltdown vulnerability. The first measure promises to improve security by using Accelerated Memory Scanning to free up graphics hardware resources so they can be used to scan computer memory for malware, the firm said at the 2018 RSA … [Read more...]

First Look: Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection (HVI)

Bitdefender's Hypervisor Introspection (HVI) tool is designed to solve a difficult problem in virtual environments. Once a sophisticated malware enters the virtual machine and alters the kernel – or performs some other rootkit function – it is nearly impossible for the typical anti-malware...Read here!   … [Read more...]

Why and How You Should Harden Your Systems

  So, you’ve been hacked. Maybe your system was modified for malicious reasons, your information was stolen, or your website was defaced. All of these scenarios cause panic. The effects of a successful breach can result in loss of revenue, customer trust, shareholder faith, sensitive data, and even your business. Putting protective measures in place will strengthen your security … [Read more...]

Are you ready for GDPR? Put your TRUST in us

Orthology Business Software & IT services are specialists in the fields of international management standards, cyber security, information security, IT governance and risk management. As part of our work with organizations in all industries, we have managed various projects. Our range of consultancy services and packaged solutions enables any organization to cost-effectively implement Cyber … [Read more...]

Access it all with GFI Unlimited

GFI Software has a goal to create the best user experience for the best value for their customers. We wanted to do something game-changing that would shake the tech industry. GFI Software is proud to introduce GFI Unlimited. A revolutionary subscription that unlocks access to all of the software small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need to power their business with one flat fee. Paying … [Read more...]

Artificial intelligence in cyber security

Cyber security has become a major priority for every organisation. The right controls and procedures must be put in place to detect potential attacks and protect against them. However, with the risk of a cyber attack increasing every year, how can you keep up with the ever-evolving threats? Read more here … [Read more...]

Cyber Attacks: A Suggested Approach to Proactively Mitigate Risk

The cyber threat landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years, with the global cost of cyber-crime exceeding $600 billion in 2017. Attacks are becoming more persistent, intelligent and frequent than ever before. In this whitepaper, we will delve into what we currently understand about the threat landscape in relation to both previous and more recent cyber-attacks on individuals … [Read more...]