July 2018 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday

This June, none of the Microsoft operating systems have vulnerabilities numbering the double digits. The largest number of fixes belong to the Edge web browser, and a large percentage of those are rated critical. … [Read more...]

Third Party Patch Roundup – June 2018

Another month is at an end, and you know what that means: another roundup of the patches issued in June (excluding Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates). For those of us in the northern hemisphere, we’re well into summer, and here in Texas, we’ve already seen a few days with temperatures over 100° F – and more […] … [Read more...]

June 2018 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday

In total, the June patches address 50 vulnerabilities. Let’s take a closer look at some of the security update summaries. Only one of these, a remote code execution issue in the Jcript component, had been publicly disclosed. … [Read more...]

Third Party Patch Roundup – May 2018

Here we are again at the end of another month, and it’s been an interesting one for those who spend their lives down in the IT security trenches. … [Read more...]

May 2018 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday

In addition to the regular fixes, we also have a major Windows 10 update to contend with. It’s called the April 2018 update, and it was officially released and made available for download and manual installation on the last day of that month, but it didn’t start rolling out through Windows automatic updates until today (Patch Tuesday). … [Read more...]

Third Party Patch Roundup – April 2018

Another month has passed and you know what that means – time to take a look at the security patches that have been issued over the past 30 days by “the usual suspects” – the vendors who make some of the most popular desktop and mobile operating systems and applications. … [Read more...]

April 2018 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday

A total of 66 vulnerabilities were fixed by this month’s patches. As usual, we have updates for all of the currently supported versions of the Windows operating system, both client and server, as well as both of Microsoft’s web browsers, Internet Explorer and Edge. … [Read more...]

Third Party Patch Roundup – March 2018

March has come and gone. The latest news includes MyFitnessPal and their recent breach. Check out the latest patches from Apple, Linux, Adobe, and more. … [Read more...]

March 2018 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday again already?  Yes, February was a short month so it seems as if update day got here a tad more quickly than usual. Microsoft released a full slate of fixes for a number of vulnerabilities in Windows and the Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers. … [Read more...]

February 2018 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday

It’s that time again. February is the shortest month of the year, which means we have fewer days to get all the work done that needs to be done. As usual on this Patch Tuesday, February 13, Microsoft released a slew of updates … [Read more...]