The Clipboard History Tool – Parallels Toolbox for Mac

Dedication: The clipboard is the unifying concept behind cut, copy, and paste. The individual responsible for cut, copy, and paste, Larry Tesler, passed away this month. Larry wrote the preface to my book, Object-Oriented Programming for the Macintosh, and was the person who hired me at Apple so many, many years ago. The computing world lost an important pioneer, and this blog post is dedicated to … [Read more...]

Getting Started with Parallels Desktop Business Edition: Business Apps on Mac

Make the Most of Your Business Apps on Mac – Getting started with Parallels Desktop Business Edition Developers have steadily built a thriving ecosystem of software for Apple computers over the years—a welcome development for the growing number of Mac users. But let’s face it—there are still a good number of commonly used business applications that run solely on Windows. In addition, … [Read more...]