Pin an app window in Windows 10 with Parallels Toolbox one-click tool Window on Top

When working between multiple programs or windows in Windows 10, you might want to pin a window on top and be able to continue working with other programs.   Some programs in Windows 10 have built-in intelligence to accomplish this. However, not all programs are created equal and most do not have this functionality.   It’s quite easy to force your desired window to … [Read more...]

One-click for currency or unit conversion for macOS or Windows 10 with Parallels Desktop tool Unit Converter

Trade is growing at a rapid rate and has changed our world’s economy. Converting a familiar measurement or currency to a new form is now a common task—and can be overwhelming. It can also become tiresome to download multiple apps and programs across your devices to ensure the conversions you need are available to you.   Unit Converter in Parallels Toolbox is easy to … [Read more...]

One-click closes all your open programs in Windows 10 with Parallels Toolbox Close Apps

Windows users who are diligent about shutting down their open programs and PCs every day often look for the fastest way to quit everything.   If you’re like most Windows users, you likely have several or dozens of programs running at any given time. Manually closing these applications everyday can take up more time than you might like to … [Read more...]

Automatically schedule break reminders on macOS or Windows 10 with Parallels Toolbox Break Time

Are you feeling burned out at work or lacking motivation during long stints on the computer? Whether you’re working remotely or back in the office, keep reading to learn what you can do when you need a break from screen time to protect your mental and physical health.   Burnout at work can feel like:  Constantly struggling to … [Read more...]

Easily arrange and manage macOS apps with Parallels Toolbox one-click tool Window Manager

Whether you’re a macOS lover or a Windows fanatic, chronic multitaskers often have several applications or programs running at the same time—not to mention the dozens of tabs open in your web browser. Don’t worry, we’re right there with you.  It’s quite easy to get lost in the real estate of your screen if you self-identify as a multitasker. Additionally, it’s almost too easy to … [Read more...]

Hide windows and reveal your desktop with one click with Show Desktop tool from Parallels Toolbox

Do you manage your files, screenshots or shortcuts on your Mac desktop? If so, then you probably find yourself needing to clear away your open windows and applications quickly to access your desktop. I find myself needing to do this multiple times during my workday. If you manage the real estate of your Mac like me, your screen might look like this: Do not be like … [Read more...]

The 15 Best macOS Apps for Productivity When Working from Home in 2020

Working from home (WFH, also called telecommuting or telework) is becoming an increasingly common practice. In 2020, the necessity to effectively work remotely is crucial to productivity more than ever. Here at Parallels, we refuse to pretend as if remote work is a new trend. In 2019, the Business Harvard Review proved that remote employees are found to be more productive, have a lower chance of … [Read more...]

Parallels Affiliate Nitesh Sharma Gained Extensive Independence Through Content Marketing and Selling Parallels Products

Guest Blog from Affiliate Marketing Manager, Anastasia Barbashina. Nitesh Sharma has been a member of the Parallels Affiliate Program for about two years now. He started to learn about the potential of an affiliate business in college when he noticed the power of content marketing. It became clear that in content marketing, bloggers specialize in a niche and write passionate product … [Read more...]

Parallels Premium Mac App Bundle 2020 – Up to 96% off and Over $1,000+ in Savings!

This premium bundle offered exclusively from Parallels Desktop gives users 10 Mac apps to improve productivity and efficiency across every industry or user’s need. Purchasing this bundle will save users over $1,000+ in savings. BUY BUNDLE NOW Empower your Mac with this massive, all-encompassing bundle of software. With every purchase of Parallels Desktop, you’ll get this premium … [Read more...]

Benefits and Obstacles of an Affiliate Business

Today, we want to spotlight the Parallels Affiliate Program, which allows any person to sign up and earn money by promoting Parallels Desktop and Parallels® Toolbox. Once approved as an authorized affiliate, you’re eligible to get a 15% commission from each new-license sale generated through your links. Additionally, you can get performance incentives—such as commission increase and discount … [Read more...]