IGEL Thin Client | Is it the future workstation and why?

What is an IGEL Thin Client? IGEL thin client is a small-sized and usually fanless desktop terminal without a hard drive. All the features found on a desktop PC, like storage, computing power, applications, and more, are utilized in the data center when using a thin client. How Thin Clients Work A thin client, also known as a “dummy terminal,” utilizes hard drives stored on servers or data centers … [Read more...]

Smart Card Authentication | Raise Your Security Levels to a Higher Standard

What Is Smart Card Authentication? Similar to credit cards, smart cards are plastic cards with an embedded microchip, operating system and memory for storing personal information. You can set up a smart card to store user authentication information. Smart card authentication is a two-step login process that uses a smart card. The smart card stores a user’s public key credentials and a … [Read more...]

Gen Z | Are You Prepared for the Arrival of the Gen Z Workforce?

Generation Changes and Gen Z Every new generation has its own preferences for working that eventually reshape the prevailing structure of the workplace. Changes happen when companies adapt their workplaces to suit the desires of the younger generations in the hopes of attracting and retaining the best and brightest from that talent pool. Today, the youngest working generation is Gen Z, and you … [Read more...]

Google Authenticator. Another MFA Addition in Parallels RAS

What Is Google Authenticator? Google Authenticator is a time-based one-time password (TOTP) mechanism for multifactor authentication (MFA). It targets mobile device users to allow for easy authentication when working remotely—and it’s free for both Android and iOS devices. It works by scanning barcodes on websites and application and creating MFA codes that serve as an extra layer of protection … [Read more...]

REST API | What Does It Mean When an Application Has a REST API?

Introduction to REST APIs Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interfaces—more commonly known as REST APIs—are primarily used to integrate applications and automate processes. For example, in the case of Desktop as a Service (DaaS), a REST API can be instrumental in automating the process of deploying virtual desktops as soon as a customer completes a purchase, thereby … [Read more...]

Teleworking | What Is It and Why Implement It?

What Is teleworking and How Effective Is It? Teleworking (or telecommuting) involves using information technology and telecommunications to work remotely. Employees in an organization can work from home—they don’t need to commute for work. Teleworking enables an employee to use various communication channels—such as phone, email or chat—for effective communication with their peers. Why Teleworking … [Read more...]

Microsoft SQL 2008 EOL: Are You Ready to Migrate?

SQL 2008 EOL  There’s barely a month left before Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 reach their End-of-Life (EOL) support. Companies who rely on these ubiquitous relational database management systems for storing configuration, transactional, monitoring, reporting, and other data should already have a migration underway—or at least have a migration plan ready for implementation.   What Is SQL … [Read more...]

Cloud Managed Services – The Perfect Time for Service Providers to Sell!

Cloud Managed Services for Business Agility  With businesses seeking better ways to improve business agility and employee flexibility while reducing costs, managed service providers (MSPs) are in the perfect position to come in and meet these needs. They can do that through cloud managed services.   Emergence of Remote Work, BYOD and Virtual Workspaces  Back in the day, MSPs were mainly expected … [Read more...]

Henley High School unlocks new capabilities with Parallel RAS

By Ary Collet Jr, Parallels Channel Manager, ANZ and Southeast Asia As technology evolves, schools have been able to enrich and elevate the learning and teaching experience in various ways. A school’s ICT framework plays a key role in this – from fostering higher levels of student engagement to increase the work efficiency and flexibility of teaching staff.   Henley High School recognized this … [Read more...]

What’s New in Parallels RAS 17 and How Does It Benefit Your Business?

Parallels RAS 17 is out! With version 17 of Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS), we’re introducing new features and improvements that greatly benefit customers and service providers. Because a simple list of features won’t do much to convey what those benefits are, we’ve put together a summary of what’s new in version 17 along with brief explanations of what each can bring to … [Read more...]