Microsoft Azure Cloud and its benefits | Parallels Insights

The buzz around Microsoft Azure cloud! Microsoft Azure cloud is the flagship cloud computing platform by Microsoft. It offers a wide array of services to build and manage highly available enterprise solutions with all the performance and scale that the cloud has to offer. Microsoft Azure cloud spans over a global network of data centers managed by Microsoft. Originating from a tech giant with … [Read more...]

Address the 3 Biggest IT Challenges in the Banking and Finance Industry

3 Major IT Challenges in the Finance Industry IT teams in banks and financial institutions are constantly under pressure to develop solutions that would ease certain security, labor, and economic issues impacting their organization. One solution can help them with that. 1. Cyber threats and regulatory compliance With an average annual cost of $18.37M USD, companies in banking suffer the largest … [Read more...]

Wentworth Williams Uses Parallels RAS to Increase Efficiency by 20%

By Luke Iggleden, Chief Amazer at Amaze Australian based accounting and financial advisory firm Wentworth Williams recently engaged Amaze to implement the award-winning Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) virtualization solution to replace their previous single-server setup. Their previous setup had caused significant outages for them in the past and prevented users from easily accessing … [Read more...]

Citrix Access Gateway | Do you really need it? | Parallels Insights!

Citrix Access Gateway Citrix Access Gateway is a solution that provides administrators application-level control, and at the same time provides access from anywhere. It provides IT administrators a point of control to manage access and permissions based on both the user and the endpoint device. Moreover, it grants users secure access and single sign-on to all their published virtual … [Read more...]

Managed IT Service Providers Must Focus On 3 Areas | Parallels Insights!

Managed IT Service Providers on the market According to online statistics, portal Statista, the managed services market should reach 190 Billion USD this year and balloon to almost 300 Billion USD in 2023. Greatly improved reliability, affordability, and accessibility of cloud infrastructures are propelling managed IT service providers a.k.a. Managed Service Providers or MSPs, to add … [Read more...]

Join Us Live at Virtual Expo 2019 for a Full-Packed Day of Cloud and Virtualization Goodness

It’s not everyday that you get the chance to watch a series of free, live presentations from globally recognized experts in the field of cloud computing and virtualization. But the stars have aligned once again, and you’ll be able to do that in the comfort of your home or wherever you are come September 27, 2019, thanks to xenappblog.com’s Virtual Expo event.   Parallels will be one of the … [Read more...]

Multi Cloud Management and Some of the Challenges | Parallels Insights

Multi Cloud Management Strategies Multi cloud management strategies, along with hybrid cloud strategies, aren’t just the wave of the future in cloud computing—they’re pretty much already here. In fact, the 2019 edition of RightScale’s annual State of the Cloud Report says that organizations are currently leveraging almost 5 clouds on average. But when you deal with a cloud infrastructure … [Read more...]

VDI Pro Survey shows Parallels RAS is on the rise!

2019 Global EUC Survey Reveals a Massive Increase in Parallels RAS Usage 2019 is turning out to be a banner year for Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS). According to the recently published End User Computing – State of the Union Survey, it has recently made big strides in gaining customer recognition in the EUC space. What is the End User Computing – State of the Union Survey? Launched in … [Read more...]

Remote Desktop and its Benefits | Parallels RAS and VDI

What Is Remote Desktop? Remote desktop is a software solution that allows users to connect to their desktops across the internet from any PC, tablet or smartphone. In business, it also means that employees can remotely access and control their corporate applications and files hosted in a desktop environment and to seamlessly control your desktop as though you were sitting directly in front of … [Read more...]

Desktop Virtualization, what is it and why implement it? | Parallels Insights!

What is desktop virtualization? Desktop virtualization is a technology that allows for the creation and storage of multiple user desktop instances on a single host, residing in a data center or cloud. It is achieved by using a hypervisor, which sits on top of the host server hardware to manage and allow virtual desktops to use the computing power of the underlying server hardware. The hypervisor … [Read more...]