About Parallels Desktop system extensions on macOS Big Sur (and later)

Guest blog post from Dmitry Geynisman, Product Manager at Parallels You may have seen these messages from both macOS and Parallels Desktop for Mac: No worries, in this blog post I will explain the situation in detail. First, I will give you a relatively short answer about why Parallels® Desktop uses system extensions, and then more details will follow.  Parallels Desktop uses a … [Read more...]

How to Connect Mac Peripherals to a Windows Virtual Machine

Anyone using their Mac computer to work with Parallels Desktop and Windows would certainly wish to put their peripherals to use with their virtualised Windows system as well. This can apply to a broad variety of different devices: an external webcam, a Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speakers or an external hard disk and a USB flash drive. All those peripheral devices are supposed to work under … [Read more...]

New to Parallels Desktop? Coherence and other view modes reviewed.

This post is part of a series to assist new users of Parallels Desktop.  While there are many experienced Parallels Desktop users, there are just as many new users. This blog post will give some tips to help the newer users get the most out of Parallels Desktop by using the view mode that will best fit their needs.  First, some framework. Running two (or more) operating systems at … [Read more...]

Virtual TPM Enhances Safety for Windows Users

A TPM, short for Trusted Platform Module, is a small microcontroller specializing in authentication. It provides access control, generates encryption keys and can encrypt content—even in a virtual machine. A TPM chip is standard in state-of-the-art systems, providing for features such as BitLocker and Secure Boot. These are used to encrypt the hard disk of a Windows system and (optionally) to … [Read more...]

Using Zoom & Rotate gestures with Windows apps – a new feature in Parallels Desktop 16

This post is part of a series about new features in Parallels Desktop 16.  For users of Apple products, gestures are a natural and ubiquitous way to control applications. Whether first learned on the iPhone, the iPad, or a Mac, gestures are now a significant way to use apps, and most Mac apps support many different gestures. Windows apps, of course, don’t have built-in support for Apple … [Read more...]

Automatically Reclaim Disk Space” – a new feature in Parallels Desktop 16

This post is part of a series about new features in Parallels Desktop 16.  Parallels Desktop is like having a Windows PC inside your Mac. In some ways, it’s better – after all, can you drag & drop a file from your Mac to a PC? Nope! In other ways, it’s just different, and the virtual hard drive component of a Parallels … [Read more...]

New in Parallels Desktop 16 – “Prepare for Transfer”

This post is part of a series about new features in Parallels Desktop 16.  Deploying a virtual machine (VM) can be cumbersome for two reasons:   It can be pretty large—sometimes 100s of gigabytes.   It is in a Macintosh-only file format.   The new feature, “Prepare for Transfer”, addresses both of these concerns, and it is a feature in the Parallels Desktop Pro … [Read more...]

Introducing the newest Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition

When business users require a dual operating system, it’s no wonder so many organizations worldwide turn to Parallels® Desktop for Mac Business Edition. Why? Because Parallels is the easiest, fastest, and most powerful solution for running Windows on a Mac, without rebooting. Our latest release makes it even better.   With greater productivity, seamless setup, unparalleled graphic … [Read more...]

Can you install the macOS Big Sur public beta in a VM?

Can you install the macOS Big Sur public beta in a VM? Quick answer: Yes  The details: Now that Parallels Desktop 16 has been released, I am able to talk about this new version of Parallels Desktop that I have been using for about the last six months.  I was able to install the macOS Big Sur public beta in a VM. In fact, this is my preferred way to test out a new OS that is … [Read more...]

Just Released! Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac

It’s finally here! We’re so excited to introduce a new version of Parallels® Desktop: Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac.   With Parallels Desktop, you can run Windows, Linux and other popular operating systems on your Mac without rebooting. For 14 years, we’ve been the #1 solution for over 7 million users worldwide.  Learn more about the hottest new features in Parallels … [Read more...]