macOS Catalina and Parallels Desktop Form a Dream Team for Business

Apple introduced a couple of features with macOS Catalina that make life easier not only for users—they can also help cut costs and increase productivity in businesses. Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac—the latest release of Parallels Desktop—is optimized for macOS Catalina (both as an operating system host and guest) and comes with a number of new features as well.  We would like to give you an … [Read more...]

Restrict Users to Change VM View Modes in Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition

Parallels Desktop TM for Mac Business Edition allows you to restrict users from changing view modes in a virtual machine (VM). You can set a custom password that users need to input to change the VM view mode. What are the virtual machine view modes in Parallels Desktop? Window mode: The VM screen displays as a separate window. Full-screen mode: The VM screen expands to occupy the whole … [Read more...]

How to Connect External Physical Disks to a Virtual Machine in Parallels Desktop Business Edition

Parallels Desktop TM for Mac Business Edition enables end users to connect or mount physical disks to a virtual machine (VM) and treat them as internal disks. Why connect external physical disks to VMs? The advantages of being able to connect external physical disks to VMs include: • Increasing the storage of your VM • Installing Windows or another operating system (OS) to … [Read more...]

Getting Started with Parallels Desktop Business Edition: Business Apps on Mac

Make the Most of Your Business Apps on Mac – Getting started with Parallels Desktop Business Edition Developers have steadily built a thriving ecosystem of software for Apple computers over the years—a welcome development for the growing number of Mac users. But let’s face it—there are still a good number of commonly used business applications that run solely on Windows. In addition, … [Read more...]

How to Activate Parallels Desktop and Install Windows on Mac

Almost all users who purchase a subscription for Parallels Desktop do so with one goal in mind: to install Windows on Mac. Parallels Desktop Mac Business Edition will help you and your employees easily work with Windows programs on Mac, running even the most demanding applications effortlessly.  Before proceeding, you should have already signed up for Parallels My Account. In … [Read more...]

Getting Started with Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition: Sign up for Parallels My Account

Mac® users in your organization can run business-critical Windows applications on their machines seamlessly and securely by using Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition. Save time and resources by simultaneously leveraging Mac and Windows capabilities and streamlining workflows.   The first step toward using Parallels Desktop Business Editing is signing up for Parallels … [Read more...]

What is New in Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac Business Edition

The influx of Mac® computers in businesses has made the ability to run Windows applications on Mac an absolute necessity. Since that need has long been addressed by Parallels Desktop® for Mac Business Edition, a lot of companies should be happy to know that this top-of-the-line variant of Parallels Desktop—the #1 solution for running Windows, Linux and other popular operating systems on Mac … [Read more...]