You Can Now Run the Parallels Access iOS Client on an M1 Mac!

For years, people have speculated about the ability to run iOS apps on the Mac. This speculation was caused by the increasing similarity in the user experiences across the Mac, the iPhone and the iPad, and by Apple’s continuing tech demos showing their work on this capability.  Well, that day has finally arrived. Parallels® just released a new version of the Parallels® Access iOS … [Read more...]

Lots and lots of Mac apps for Mac computers with the Apple M1 chip

Third-party app developers are really stepping up to revise their apps for the new Mac computers with the Apple M1 chip. Every day I receive update notices or see news stories about these updates.  Some of the Mac apps I use every day have released updates. These include the Microsoft Office for Mac suite, ScreenFlow, VLC and many others. (If I tried to give you a full list of the apps … [Read more...]

How to Use the New Personal Help in Parallels Access 6

Parallels Access provides an elegant and easy-to-use way to connect your phone or tablet to a remote computer that you own or control. Since its first release in 2013, Parallels Access has regularly added significant new features like file management, a web portal and support for split-screen multitasking on iPad.   However, there has been one remote feature missing: the ability to connect … [Read more...]

Working at Home with Parallels Access

These are challenging times, and I’m sure many of you are working at home—just like I am right now—and sometimes need something in the office to complete your work. I’m not as organized as I should be, and I don’t have every single file and folder I’m working with on my laptop (a MacBook Pro), nor do I religiously keep all my files in a cloud service like Dropbox or OneDrive. Sometimes a file … [Read more...]

Parallels Premium Mac App Bundle 2020 – Up to 96% off and Over $1,000+ in Savings!

This premium bundle offered exclusively from Parallels Desktop gives users 10 Mac apps to improve productivity and efficiency across every industry or user’s need. Purchasing this bundle will save users over $1,000+ in savings. BUY BUNDLE NOW Empower your Mac with this massive, all-encompassing bundle of software. With every purchase of Parallels Desktop, you’ll get this premium … [Read more...]