Stopping Data Breaches Will Require Help from Governments

Not a month goes by without a major corporation suffering a cyber attack.  Often state-sponsored, these breaches are insidious, difficult to detect, and may implicate personal information relating to millions of individuals. Clearly, the current approaches to safeguarding sensitive data are insufficient. We need to reorient expectations for the role of the private sector in cybersecurity.  As … [Read more...]

The best patch management strategy for 2019

You don’t want to spend the next year doing all your network patches manually. Your time is valuable and you’d better if focus on your business. On the other hand, security threats will not stop coming in 2019. As always, this is a battle that you will have to keep fighting to protect your place. But we have a plan to make it more efficient, more reliable and faster. In this article we discuss 6 … [Read more...]

Data Loss Prevention Methods

At the user’s level, data loss can be hugely frustrating; however, on a company level it can be disastrous. As this article will explain, there are a number of things you can do to ensure you keep data loss to an absolute minimum.  First, we need to define exactly what data loss means.Data loss refers to when your data has either been corrupted or deleted. There are a number of different … [Read more...]

The Best Programming Languages Born in the Last Decade

While there is plenty to like about venerable languages like C and Java, the best programming languages of the last 10 years have a lot to offer. When it comes to the best programming languages, oldies may be goodies, but more modern programming languages are sometimes the most suitable tool for the job. True, some of today’s most popular programming languages, such as C (first released in 1972) … [Read more...]

How to Overcome Barriers that Lead to AI Failure

At this week’s AI Summit, AI leaders from IBM and Google examined the factors that contribute to AI failure and shared best practices for getting past those obstacles.Business leaders see tremendous competitive advantage in artificial intelligence, due to the promise it holds to greatly improve customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty; increase revenues; and save money. Yet, only five percent … [Read more...]

Top Trends & Challenges: Shifting to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud can actually create as many challenges as it solves. This is especially true if a company’s goals for the cloud aren’t in keeping with what the cloud can accomplish. The cloud can do many things, but it isn’t magic. And expecting magic is a sure fire way to be disappointed. Here are some ways in which leaning towards the cloud tech can create some challenges for … [Read more...]

Security round up

With so much cyber security news flying around, it is hard to keep track of the bigger stories that emerged. Here is the GFI Security round-up of the three top cyber security stories. U.S Army The United States Marine Corps is a branch of the United States Armed Forces, responsible for conducting expeditionary operations with the United States Navy, the Army and/or the Air … [Read more...]

How to Build Password Policies for Your Customers

  Building your customer password policy can be tricky because it needs to balance security and convenience. Too much convenience, and you lose security. Too strict, and no one will use it.  As a managed service provider (MSP), how do you create password policies that work for everyone? First, let’s look at some key elements that go into creating a comprehensive policy. Read more … [Read more...]

Curiosity-Driven Data Science

Data science can enable wholly new and innovative capabilities that can completely differentiate a company. But those innovative capabilities aren’t so much designed or envisioned as they are discovered and revealed through curiosity-driven tinkering by the data scientists. So, before you jump on the data science bandwagon, think less about how data science will support and execute your plans and … [Read more...]

4 Steps to Using Email Security to Help Increase Revenue

Most companies want to generate revenue and be successful without unnecessary interruptions in productivity and continuity from their systems. To achieve this, they need a range of IT management tools to assist them. This includes having a security strategy and tools in place to help prevent cyberattacks—and email security is a vital part of this. Here are four steps to adding email security to … [Read more...]