Ransomware backup strategy guidelines to help ensure recovery

In 2018, one of the worst reported ransomware attacks hit. The government office in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough -- commonly known as Mat-Su -- in Alaska was attacked by ransomware that didn't just impact a few endpoints or servers; it brought the entire office down. For reference, according to security awareness training vendor KnowBe4, the average ransomware attack impacts 16 workstations … [Read more...]

Data management under the spotlight

In 2019 we will more than ever realise the importance of data. We live in a highly connected world, where every new smart device connected to the Internet generates data. New technologies like the popular voice-controlled speakers, the numerous embedded "Internet of Things" (IoT) sensors, connected cars, smarts beds with their 8.5 billion data points per night, fitness wearables, and other smart … [Read more...]

The two-way cybersecurity conversation

With cyberattacks featuring regularly in mainstream news, it's good to see that boards and CEOs are becoming more cybersecurity conscious. However, the question is, how prepared are CISOs to deal with their questions and concerns, and what are they key things CISOs need them to understand about cyber security? Sean Duffy, Digital Business Solutions Security Practice lead at Dimension Data, poses … [Read more...]

Aviva partners IMDA to train cloud computing professionals

Aviva is partnering Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to offer a cloud computing training programme to upskill new and existing employees, enhancing the company’s digital capabilities to meet insurance customers’ evolving needs.This is part of a structured on-the-job training programme aimed at helping fresh and mid-level infocomm technology professionals to acquire practical … [Read more...]

The Future of AI Will Be About Less Data, Not More

Companies considering how to invest in AI capabilities should first understand that over the coming five years applications and machines will become less artificial and more intelligent. They will rely less on bottom-up big data and more on top-down reasoning that more closely resembles the way humans approach problems and tasks. This general reasoning ability will enable AI to be more broadly … [Read more...]

Less than half of businesses can detect IoT data breach

Only 48% of businesses have the infrastructure set up to detect whether their IoT infrastructure is open to a data breach, a report by security firm Gemalto has revealed. Firms are now asking for the government to intervene and set better regulations around IoT security to prevent potentially damaging hacks into such devices. In fact, 79% of the 950 decision makers the company spoke to said they … [Read more...]

What Does Your Corporate Brand Stand For?

Companies are extremely good at defining their product brands. Customers, employees, and other stakeholders know exactly what an iPhone is and means. But organizations are often less sure-footed when it comes to the corporate brand. What does the parent company’s name really stand for, and how is it perceived and leveraged in the marketplace and within the company itself? Read more … [Read more...]

How data science and machine learning are reshaping global industries

Data science and machine learning have already shown their potential in transforming businesses.This pace can be felt through the veins of those industries who are leveraging sensors, actuators, applications and various other resources to collect and crunch data. The real potential of data science and machine learning is categorised in the results of the critical decision making taken by leaders. … [Read more...]

What Countries and Companies Can Do When Trade and Cybersecurity Overlap

Cybersecurity as a key issue for trade policy is a relatively new development. In the last few years there have been a number of news reports about various governments’ incorporating spyware, malware, or similar programs into computer-based products that are exported around the world. The governments typically have worked with private companies in their countries to do it. In the … [Read more...]

Privacy and Cybersecurity Are Converging. Here’s Why That Matters for People and for Companies

2018 has been the year of privacy.  News of Facebook’s exposure of tens of millions of user accounts to data firm Cambridge Analytica broke in March — a scandal that was only compounded by recent news that the tech giant shared even more private data through hidden agreements with other companies. Then in May, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, the world’s most stringent … [Read more...]