Zero Trust Brings Shadow IT Into the Light

Shadow IT is an aptly-named phenomenon. It’s the notion that obscured in the shade of official information technology processes, companies often have unofficial tools that aren’t in IT’s direct line of sight. As sources of data, employees who input sensitive information or integrate into unsupported applications will unintentionally expose their companies to untold cyber risk. … The post … [Read more...]

Fostering Digital Transformation One Nomad at a Time: How Both Organizations and Employees Benefit from Remote Work Strategies

Digital Nomad, a term coined twenty years ago by Hitachi executive Tsugio Makimoto in his book by the same name, predicted that technology combined with our natural urge to travel would let people live, work, and exist on the go rather than being tied to an office desk or physical work location. Today, 4.8 million … The post Fostering Digital Transformation One Nomad at a Time: How Both … [Read more...]

The Real Estate Industry as an Unexpected Target for Hackers

Over the past decade, companies in the technology, government, finance, and retail industries have become a common target for cybercriminals, but additional – and less obvious – industries are at risk as well. One of these unexpected targets is real estate, which has recently grabbed the attention of hackers as a source of data that’s … The post The Real Estate Industry as an … [Read more...]

Don’t Neglect SASE’s Impact on Network Performance

In the end-of-2020 cybersecurity word cloud – a swarm in which floats the most frequently seen, heard, and spoken words in the industry – one four letter acronym will appear bigger and bolder than all the rest: SASE. When discussing Secure Access Service Edge, most of the excitement surrounds its unifying characteristics and how IT … The post Don’t Neglect SASE’s Impact on … [Read more...]

Profile of a Cybercriminal: Cryptocurrency Attacks

  It’s true that data has value, just look at Google and Facebook, but blockchain and cryptocurrency take this idea literally. Cryptocurrency is called such because for its hordes of users, cryptography fulfills many of the characteristics that are required to define a “currency” such as verification of ownership and transferability. Data’s value, on the … The post Profile of a … [Read more...]

Tool Sprawl: Does Your Company Have Too Many Security Tools?

Over the years, technology has designed the way we work and live today. As the world evolves and advances, technology does as well.  Just in the past century, we have seen unimaginable technological advancements that have shaped the way we work. Technology allows businesses and their employees to work quicker, be more productive and more … The post Tool Sprawl: Does Your Company Have Too … [Read more...]

6 Tips to Securely Manage a Global Remote Workforce

Written By: Justin Dolly, CSO, Sauce Labs With the global COVID-19 pandemic still raging in many countries around the world, many workplaces are still remote and will stay that way for the foreseeable future. Given this, how do we support high levels of security in a remote workforce, all while maintaining required levels of productivity? It’s … The post 6 Tips to Securely Manage a Global … [Read more...]

Why Secure Network Access is the Key to 5G

While technology continues to evolve, wireless networks are vital due to trends like IoT, smartphones, tablets and laptops. Now, just as 4G is becoming irrelevant for users and businesses, 5G is introduced.  Since its emergence, 5G has taken the world by storm. The global phenomenon of quicker networks has everyone buzzing, especially tech companies. 5G … The post Why Secure Network Access … [Read more...]

HITRUST Fills in the Blanks for HIPAA and PHI Security

HIPAA carries a lot of weight, but it is merely a set of guidelines that healthcare companies (and technology providers who work with them) must follow when handling Patient Health Information (PHI). For people imagining a team of inspectors showing up unannounced to offices worldwide for a surprise checkup, or to administer a results-oriented audit … The post HITRUST Fills in the Blanks for … [Read more...]

VPNs Are Out and Scalable Remote Access Solutions Are In

COVID-19 has accelerated the world’s digital transformation and lately this has headed in an inevitable direction: the adoption of remote work. We can no longer assume that employees are working from the office and the “new normal” that the world is experiencing will likely bring about permanent changes to how and where we work. Tech … The post VPNs Are Out and Scalable Remote Access … [Read more...]