How to Find Hardware Information of an Azure Stack Edge

Azure Stack Edge is designed to be a "black box" compute, storage and intel solution. But there is a way to peek inside and reveal hardware specifications Read the post here: How to Find Hardware Information of an Azure Stack Edge … [Read more...]

How to use Microsoft Global Network with Oracle, Google or AWS

Learn about Microsoft Global Network and the ways of interconnecting with cloud services such as Oracle, Google or AWS, by using Azure as Backbone Read the post here: How to use Microsoft Global Network with Oracle, Google or AWS … [Read more...]

How to securely connect and manage remote workers

All of a sudden, in response to the threat of COVID-19 infection, you’ve got a remote work force. That means you have employees surfing the web using their own Wi-Fi networks, while also trying to connect to your company network. You have to be sure that connection is fast and, above all, secure. That’s why […] … [Read more...]

Exinda Management Center update

In today’s TechTalk article we’re going to review the latest update to the Exinda Management Center. Designed as a solution for organizations that have a need to manage network health and application performance across multiple locations, the Exinda Management Center offers IT professionals within your organization the ability to administer various network policies and to […] … [Read more...]

When to Use SCVMM (And When Not To)

A look at the merits and drawbacks of Microsoft’s paid Hyper-V management tool, System Center Virtual Machine Manager. Read the post here: When to Use SCVMM (And When Not To) … [Read more...]

The top 23 free data recovery tools – 2019 Update

How many times have you searched for a file only to find that it’s gone from your computer? Your fault, my fault, nobody’s fault… it doesn’t matter. When a file you need is gone, all you really want to do is get it back: as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Deleted by accident? Formatted […] … [Read more...]

As Internet turns 50, more risks and possibilities emerge

This op-ed originally appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on October 28, 2019. We occupy a richly-connected world. On the Internet, we collapse distance and shift time. But this Internet that delivers mail, connects us with friends, lets us work anywhere, and shop from the palm of the hand, is a mere 50 years old, slightly younger than Jennifer Aniston and Matt Perry. On October 29, … [Read more...]

6 Hardware Tweaks that will Skyrocket your Hyper-V Performance

Simple changes to your hardware settings can drastically improve Hyper-V performance. Find out what you need to change to optimize your Hyper-V environment. Read the post here: 6 Hardware Tweaks that will Skyrocket your Hyper-V Performance … [Read more...]

Exinda Network Orchestrator Hardware Update

The Exinda Network Orchestrator appliance is purpose built for Network Managers and Administrators who want one solution to manage the way users, traffic, devices, and applications behave on the network. With Exinda Network Orchestrator, organizations can ensure reliable application performance, identify and control bandwidth usages, and understand network activity. The newest model (4062v2) is a … [Read more...]

Third Party Patch Roundup  – September 2019

September signals the real end of summer and beginning of autumn. The changing of the seasons here in Texas brings some relief from the heat. It also traditionally brings some tumultuous weather events such as hurricanes, and this September was no exception. On the IT security front, there was plenty of turbulence as well. Malware […] … [Read more...]