We Have Great Things Planned for You at Microsoft Ignite 2019

Attending Microsoft Ignite 2019 this November 4–8 in Orlando, Florida? Perfect! We’re headed there too and are hoping for a chance to meet you. You can find us at booth #2626, where we’ll be showing Parallels® Mac Management for Microsoft® SCCM. It’s the only way you should manage Mac® computers in any Windows-dominated network—and we can’t wait to show you why. One of the main tenets of … [Read more...]

What’s New in Parallels Mac Management 8 and How Does It Benefit Your Business?

Version 8 of Parallels® Mac Management for Microsoft® SCCM has finally arrived, and it’s packed with new features that further simplify application and device deployment, strengthen IT infrastructure security, streamline reporting and improve capabilities for managing all the Mac® devices in your organization. Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll be able to do in this latest … [Read more...]

Parallels Desktop and a Virtualized Trusted Platform Module (vTPM)

Parallels Desktop® for Mac Pro Edition and Business Edition support the integration of a virtualized Trusted Platform Module (vTPM). Now users can add TPM to their virtual machine (VM) configuration. Microsoft Windows utilizes TPM in Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019. Users can run these popular Microsoft operating systems on Mac with the help of Parallels … [Read more...]

Meet Parallels at UCISA IG19 in Leeds, UK

“Infrastructure anywhere, infrastructure everywhere.” There couldn’t be a more accurate description of the current state of IT infrastructure in most organizations as this. We already saw this trend coming years ago and have successfully launched a number of solutions that cater to it. Those solutions are now deployed in several organizations worldwide and we’ll be showcasing one of … [Read more...]

Bluetooth vulnerability can be exploited in Key Negotiation of Bluetooth (KNOB) attacks

Those who are familiar with Bluetooth BR/EDR technology (aka Bluetooth Classic, from 1.0 to 5.1) can attest that it is not perfect. Like any other piece of hardware or software technology already on market, its usefulness comes with flaws. Early last week, academics at Singapore University of Technology, the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security, and University of Oxford released … [Read more...]

Facial recognition technology: force for good or privacy threat?

All across the world, governments and corporations are looking to invest in or develop facial recognition technology. From law enforcement to marketing campaigns, facial recognition is poised to make a splashy entrance into the mainstream. Biometrics are big business, and third party contracts generate significant profits for all. However, those profits often come at the expense of users. There’s … [Read more...]

Changing California’s privacy law: A snapshot at the support and opposition

Last week, the corporate-backed, legislative battle against California privacy met a blockade, as one Senate committee voted down and negotiated changes to several bills that, as originally written, could have weakened the state’s data privacy law, the California Consumer Privacy Act. Though the bills’ authors have raked in thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from companies … [Read more...]

Microsoft OneNote audio note phishing scam

Phishing is a constant threat for organisations and individuals alike. The scam, which involves sending emails that masquerade as legitimate organisations to fraudulently obtain sensitive information, targets hundreds of millions of organisations and people daily.   Microsoft OneNote users are the latest target of a phishing scam. An email entitled “New Audio Note Received” is purportedly sent … [Read more...]

A week in security (June 3 – 9)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we rounded up some leaks and breaches, reported about Magecart skimmers found on Amazon CloudFront CDN, proudly announced we were awarded as Best Cybersecurity Vendor Blog at the annual EU Security Blogger Awards, discussed how Maine inches closer to shutting down ISP pay-for-privacy schemes, asked where our options to disable hyperlink auditing had gone, and … [Read more...]

A week in security (May 13 – 19)

Last week, Malwarebytes Labs reviewed active and unique exploit kits targeting consumers and businesses alike, reported about a flaw in WhatsApp used to target a human rights lawyer, and wrote about an important Microsoft patch that aimed to prevent a “WannaCry level” attack. We also profiled the Dharma ransomware—aka CrySIS—and imparted four lessons from the DDoS attack against the US … [Read more...]