A week in security (March 2 – 8)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we fired up part 1 of our series on child identity theft, asked how well law enforcement can deal with cybercriminals, and took a trip down the memory lane of moral panic. We also looked at the positives and negatives of VPNs and examined our own progress in the fight against stalkerware, spyware, and monitoring apps. Other cybersecurity news Trouble strikes for … [Read more...]

Washington Privacy Act welcomed by corporate and nonprofit actors

The steady parade of US data privacy legislation continued last month in Washington with the introduction of an improved bill that would grant state residents the rights to access, control, delete, and port their data, as well as opting out of data sales. The bill, called the Washington Privacy Act, also improves upon its earlier 2019 version, providing stronger safeguards on the use of facial … [Read more...]

Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge Browser Released

Chrome is the most popular browser in the world, according to ComputerWorld. Two years ago, Microsoft announced that it would move its Microsoft Edge browser over to Chromium, the open-source foundation on which Chrome is based. That effort has finally come to fruition with the release of a new version of Microsoft Edge, available for Windows (10, 8 and 7), macOS®, … [Read more...]

How to Activate Parallels Desktop and Install Windows on Mac

Almost all users who purchase a subscription for Parallels Desktop do so with one goal in mind: to install Windows on Mac. Parallels Desktop Mac Business Edition will help you and your employees easily work with Windows programs on Mac, running even the most demanding applications effortlessly.  Before proceeding, you should have already signed up for Parallels My Account. In … [Read more...]

WOOF locker: Unmasking the browser locker behind a stealthy tech support scam operation

In the early days, practically all tech support scammers would get their own leads by doing some amateur SEO poisoning and keyword stuffing on YouTube and other social media sites. They’d then leverage their boiler room to answer incoming calls from victims. Today, these practices continue, but we are seeing more advanced operations with a clear separation between lead generation and … [Read more...]

How to Distribute macOS Updates in a Targeted Way | Managing Mac with SCCM

Keeping control of system updates performed on corporate client computers is a major issue for IT teams. This isn’t always an easy task, particularly if PCs and Mac® computers are present in a mixed environment. The PCs are managed—this often isn’t the case for the Mac computers. This means that Mac clients are capable of loading macOS® updates as soon as Apple® has released them. The … [Read more...]

The Parallels Team Joins MMS 2019 Jazz Edition for Some Tech Talk, Socials, and All That Jazz

We’re well into the last quarter of this year but it doesn’t mean that we’ve slowed down on our participation in tech conferences. Not at all, sir, because the next stop for the Parallels Team is the MMS 2019 Jazz Edition. We’ll be seeing action come November 11 to 13 at the landmark Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  The MMS Jazz is organized for tech practitioners and … [Read more...]

Managing Azure Blueprints with PowerShell

Azure Blueprints provide a "one-stop shop" for Azure governance. By implementing JSON templates and a controlled, unified workflow, Azure administrators can define, deploy, enforce, and maintain standardized Azure environments. … [Read more...]

Searching Active Directory with PowerShell

For many Microsoft IT professionals, one of the first things they do with PowerShell is using it to perform tasks in Active Directory. … [Read more...]

Support for Parallels Mac Management | Managing Mac with SCCM

IT teams are ready to help out with many different business needs. But at times, the in-house experts need assistance themselves, be it to master finicky challenges with new unfamiliar tools or to conserve internal resources. In any case, professional applications require equally professional backing when the solution is first implemented, in day-to-day operations and also when questions or issues … [Read more...]