Meet Druva: Abhijit Dey, VP of Engineering, Druva

I’m thrilled to have joined the Druva team, from Veritas, at such an exciting time of the company’s growth. Druva is disrupting the data management and protection industry and evolving how businesses think about and handle their most valuable asset and IP, data. Let me dive deeper into that and why I made the jump to Druva after many years at Veritas. Enterprises are increasingly moving to … [Read more...]

Meet Druva: Luigge Romanillo

For this month’s employee spotlight, we spoke with Luigge Romanillo, a recent hire at Druva. In addition to talking about his experience since joining, Luigge offered some advice on how to impress in an interview and what helped him land the job at Druva. Hopefully his tips can help you, too!What is your new role and how long have you been at Druva now?I’m a corporate account executive and I have … [Read more...]

Druva Hackathon 2019: A Look Into Innovation and Creativity

As Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi said, “Innovation is seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” That was the motto Druva followed at this year’s hackathon. For those of you that are unfamiliar, Druva Hackathon is a 24-hour, non-stop sprint event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development collaborate intensively on software projects. The idea is … [Read more...]

Why I Joined Druva

Wow! Time has flown since I joined Druva a month ago. There has been a lot to learn about the company, and I would be remiss if I did not start this blog with a sincere “Thank You!” to everyone that has been so open minded and open hearted with me. So with 30 days under my belt, I think this is a great opportunity to take a moment and talk about what really drew me to Druva, and our vision for the … [Read more...]

Meet Druva: Sandeep Ghadge

For this month’s employee spotlight, we spoke with Sandeep Ghadge, Senior Product Manager of Druva. Sandeep, please share your story with us. How did your journey at Druva. begin? I started at Druva close to one year back. Prior to that, I was working at Veritas for a long time. In fact, Veritas was my first job where I began my career in engineering, then eventually transferred over to product … [Read more...]

Meet Druva: Wilson Lam

For this month’s employee spotlight, we spoke with Wilson Lam, the Inbound Team Lead of Druva.Wilson, please share your story with us. How did you discover Druva Inc.?About a year ago, I was introduced to Druva by my friend Tim. I saw he was having a lot of success at the company and seemed to be really enjoying it, so I reached out to learn more about his role and what his daily routine looked … [Read more...]