See Where You Place in the PAM Maturity Model

Many companies aren’t sure how to begin their PAM implementation or which security activities have the most impact on their goals. To help you stay on course, Thycotic has developed the first PAM Maturity Model, based on industry best practices that systematically lower privileged account risk, increase business agility and improve operational efficiency. The model gives you a strategic road map … [Read more...]

Enterprise Password Management for Everyone from SMBs to Corporations: Everything You Need to Know

A simple yet effective business password management system takes high priority on the wish-list of every organization, big or small. This is evidenced by the sheer volume of people searching Google for “the best password protection” every day. But what may surprise you is that whether you’re attempting to manage passwords for a huge corporation, a medium sized business or a small team—you must go … [Read more...]

Six Key Differences Between Password Management Tools and PAM

In the past, Privilege Access Management (PAM) was accessible only to large enterprises with skilled IT teams. Feature-heavy PAM tools became more and more complex and expensive to manage. Meanwhile, security-conscious small and medium businesses were relegated to using password tools designed primarily for consumers. While consumer password tools provide a “password vault” to store user … [Read more...]

Hacking the US Elections: How Government Agencies Can Protect Themselves

The US midterm elections campaigns are well under way and expected to be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.  This midterm election is significant as it will take place right in the middle of President Trump’s first term and will likely be an indicator of the US citizens’ confidence in both the President and the Republican Party which holds a majority in both the Senate and the House. Foreign … [Read more...]

Complex Cyber Security Tools Aren’t Just Painful, They are Downright Dangerous

Securing your company is a big job. People are counting on you to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals and keep them safe. But, when the cyber security tools you rely on are too cumbersome to use, you can’t get your job done. We believe cyber solution providers have a responsibility to make your life as easy as possible. That means giving you everything you need to get started right away. And, … [Read more...]

Why Knowledge is Power In PAM

Guest post from Alpha Generation a Thycotic certified partner who specializes in IT distribution with a focus on proactive security in the UK. As you’d expect, we think the right technology is a critical part of IT security. Tools for Privileged Account Management (PAM) are a vital addition to your security stack, protecting against threats that firewalls and antivirus systems simply can’t. But, … [Read more...]

Where Privileged Account Management is Really Failing

Guest post from Alpha Generation a Thycotic certified partner who specializes in IT distribution with a focus on proactive security in the UK. From software vulnerabilities and DDoS to ransomware, the world of cybersecurity can often feel like you’re being pulled in every direction at once. With limited resources, it’s a challenge to know which threats should be your priority and where investing … [Read more...]

5 Free Encryption Tools You Can Use Today to Protect Yourself!

Author Note:  These are all 3rd party tools that I have personally used, and/or have been recommended to me by peers and experts in the field.  With that said, Thycotic does NOT endorse any of these: please explore and use at your own risk.  Email Encryption Tool OpenPGP – An open source encryption protocol used by many clients for providing secure encrypted email transmissions.  Most email … [Read more...]

PAM Risk Assessment: your first step to better privileged access control

These days Privileged Access Management and Privileged Account Management (PAM) are interchangeable terms that get a lot of attention. There’s a reason why PAM is fast becoming a top-of-mind cybersecurity issue:  up to 80% of cybersecurity breaches are associated with the abuse or misuse of privileged account credentials. And these credentials readily give hackers or malicious insiders access to … [Read more...]