Insider Threats in Healthcare: 280,000 Medicaid Patient Records Hacked

Another day, another data breach incident affecting sensitive patient information. This time, the victim was the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences (OSUCHS) and the target nearly 280,000 Medicaid patients in Oklahoma. The most worrying part? Nobody seems to know what exactly happened. This incident was first made public on January 5th but, a letter OSUCHS is using to send to … [Read more...]

10 Predictions for IT Security in 2018

It is that time again where we get to stretch out imagination a little bit and try and predict what will happen to IT security this year. As always, a disclaimer is needed, as it is impossible to know what will happen in such a dynamic and evolving industry. Here some of the predictions of IT security for 2018 and how you can prepare for a troublesome year in the … Read more … [Read more...]

How can Financial Institutions Prevent and Recover from a Data Breach

According to a recent report by IBM X-Force, the financial services sector experienced the largest number of cyber-attacks in 2016. 58% of these attacks were caused by insiders, although only 5% of insider attacks were malicious. Of course, external threats, which account for 42% of attacks, still represent a significant threat. Either way, steps must be taken to help minimise the risks. Below are … [Read more...]

How can Educational Institutions Respond to the Growing Threat of a Cyber-Attack?

According to a recent report by oneadvanced.com, 27% of UK educational institutions are unprepared for a cyber-attack, and as much as 47% of institutions are not aware of how the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to them. It is clear that educational institutions are lagging behind when it comes to cyber security and, should this trend continue, they may be liable to some pretty hefty … [Read more...]

The 10 Biggest Data Security Problems in the Healthcare Industry

Vast amounts of data, complex environments, out-of-date equipment, and a shortage of specialised security staff have all contributed to what some are referring to as the “perfect storm”. A recent report by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has highlighted some of the key issues. Below are the top 10 biggest data security issues facing the healthcare industry: Problem … [Read more...]

A Closer Look at Insider Threats in the Financial Sector

According to the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2017, the financial services industry experienced the highest number of cyber-attacks in 2016. 58% of these attacks were caused by insiders. 53% of insider attacks were inadvertent, and only 5% were malicious. Insider attacks are not necessarily initiated by current employees, but also former employees and third parties. The report suggests … [Read more...]

Privileged Access Management: 6 Ways it Fails and How to Deal With it

Why do so many organizations still struggle with privileged access management? Password mismanagement, users with excessive privileges and out of date systems all contribute to privileged access management failure. In this article, I will go through six different reasons why privileged access management fails and how you can overcome these issues. I will also introduce LepideAuditor – an IT … [Read more...]

The Top 5 Mistakes Executives Make Following a Data Breach

2016 was a record year for data breaches, and this trend looks set to continue in the future, as 2017 has already witnessed its fair share of high-profile cyber-attacks. Organisations such InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Verifone, Gmail, Yahoo!, Washington State University, Verizon, Equifax, and Deloitte, to name a few, have all experienced a serious data breach so far this year. Despite such … [Read more...]

Cyber Security Awareness Checklist for Financial Institutions

According to a recent report by Accenture, over the past 12 months, banks experienced an average of 85 serious breach attempts, with as many as 36% of banks revealing that data had been stolen. To make matters even worse, banks took an average of 59 days to spot an attack. Naturally, banks are a prime target for cyber-criminals because they offer the greatest financial reward. Below is a simple … [Read more...]

A Growing Threat to your IT Security: Privileged Users

What do you consider to be the most significant risk to your company’s data security? Would it surprise you to know that the answer is more than likely your own users? Whilst many organizations spend vast sums of money securing the outer perimeter of their systems, most forget to do the same for their internal IT infrastructure. This can often lead to a scenario where users have the ability to … [Read more...]