5 Questions You Need to Answer to Protect Yourself from Rogue Admins

While it may be true that the majority of insider threats are actually the result of negligent/naive employee’s, rogue employee’s still account for 22% of insider-threats, according to the 2017 insider threat intelligence report. And should a rogue insider find a way to circumvent an organisation’s security controls, the impact of the breach could be far more severe. Below are 5 … [Read more...]

How to Perform an IT Risk Assessment

Numerous compliance mandates, including the GDPR, state that risk assessments should be a regular part of your IT security strategy. However, these mandates are often very vague about what they mean by a risk assessment. For example, the GDPR states that organizations must take a “risk-based approach” to protecting the data of EU citizens but doesn’t go into detail about what that might mean. As a … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Better Active Directory Privileged Access Management

Privileged user accounts are the ultimate goal for cyber attackers. Once attackers have privileged access, stealing sensitive information is a breeze. In many cases, attackers patiently claw and scrape their way up the access ladder from low-level accounts up to administrative ones. IT administrators regularly face challenges identifying who has privileged access to Active Directory environment, … [Read more...]

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Identifying Malicious Insiders

Deploying defenses to protect against outside threats may seem more natural than protecting yourself against your own employees. However, we now know that attacks from malicious insiders are by far the most damaging to your organization. In the light of this, identifying malicious insiders should be number one on your list of priorities when it comes to IT security. Segregating Malicious Insiders … [Read more...]