What is Virtual Infrastructure Management?

Virtualization creates virtual resources that can be used the same way as any physical resource or application. Disk drive partitioning is a familiar form of virtualization. Servers, networks, desktops, applications, and storage can all be virtual. … [Read more...]

How To Use Vagrant Networking

 In this article, I will discuss some of the ways to configure virtual machines using Vagrant networking. … [Read more...]

Automation First Thinking: Succeeding at IT Automation

If you’re in IT, chances are you’ve automated some task before. Whether it’s writing a script, building an application yourself or leveraging an off-the-shelf solution from a vendor; you’ve automated. … [Read more...]

Breaking Down the GDPR’s Data Protection Principles, Part 3: Accuracy and Storage Limitation

May was an interesting month. Google and Facebook were hit with 8.8 billion dollar lawsuits, Kanye West announced his support for Donald Trump, and we were all hit with a glut of “We’ve Updated Our Privacy Statement” emails flooding our inboxes. What does it all mean? Where do all these signs point? It means, of course, that GDPR compliance is upon us. Except that Kanye bit, there’s no … [Read more...]

Microsoft Acquires GitHub – Is This A Good Thing?

GitHub is being acquired by Microsoft. Is it time for developers to panic and export their repositories to another product or can Microsoft be trusted? … [Read more...]

5 Vagrant Commands You Need to Know

In this article, I will point out five commands that every Vagrant user needs to know. … [Read more...]

Why SFTP Can Fail GDPR Compliance

After spending years as a far-off date on CIO calendars, GDPR is finally here. The General Data Protection Regulation applies to all organizations that process the personal data of EU residents, even if the organization itself is based outside of the EU. The penalties for non-compliance are sure to turn some heads reaching up to $24 million USD or 4% of an organization’s worldwide annual turnover, … [Read more...]

Breaking Down the GDPR’s Data Protection Principles, Part 2: Purpose Limitation and Data Minimization

As you’ve probably surmised from the glut of “We’ve Updated Our Privacy Statement” emails flooding your inbox, GDPR compliance is upon us. … [Read more...]

Understanding Managed File Transfer SLAs (Or, Why Your SLA is More Important Than Hot Pizza)

Rather than dive into the Managed File Transfer (MFT) VS. Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) debate, I want to talk about a critical distinguishing characteristic of any file transport solution, be it of either strain. This characteristic is the Service Level Agreement (SLA) offered by your service vendor. But first, let’s talk about Domino’s Pizza. … [Read more...]

How to Use AWS Systems Manager to Keep Your Windows Servers Patched

Windows patching is an unfortunate requirement for all Windows administrators. Patch Tuesdays keep coming with no end in sight. … [Read more...]