How to Automate AWS S3 Static Websites Using Python

Amazon Web Services offers a very popular object storage service known as Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) that enables you to store data, files, images and even videos in highly available containers called ‘buckets’ which are also easy to access endpoints using any popular programming language. In combination of AWS S3 and with other AWS services developers can build scalable and durable … [Read more...]

Thin Client Price Isn’t the Reason to Replace PCs

Thin Client Price vs. Conventional Desktop Price  Contrary to what some people think, the difference in price between a single thin client and a single conventional desktop computer isn’t much. If we look at the lower end of the thin client price range (which starts at around $250) and compare that with the lower end of the conventional PC price range, there probably won’t be much of a … [Read more...]

Azure Account: Things Enterprises Should Know When Shifting to Cloud

Why Should I Create an Azure Account?    Why is Azure Account important for enterprises? Azure is Microsoft’s cloud offering that’s designed to build, test, deploy, and manage services and applications through a global and wide network of Microsoft’s datacenters.  The platform offers a flexible and on-demand scalable IT infrastructure that’s ideal for businesses of any size. In fact, a growing … [Read more...]

The Pros of Microsoft Azure Platform | Parallels RAS

What is Microsoft Azure Platform? Microsoft® defines Azure Platform as, “a trusted cloud that is designed for you.” Introduced initially as Windows® Azure, the platform is the tech giant’s public cloud computing platform. Microsoft Azure allows a wide range of cloud services for computing, analyzing, networking, and storing. You can make use of a mix of these tools to develop, run, or scale new or … [Read more...]

BYOD Policy | Parallels RAS Assists BYOD

What is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy? A BYOD policy is a set of rules, such as connections, file sharing, and printing, that applies to employee-owned devices which are usually portable, therefore convenient to work on the way such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets. These rules define and restrict the permissions of devices when connected to an organization’s network and are managed by the … [Read more...]

Microsoft Remote Desktop client, what is it? | Parallels Explains

What is the Microsoft® Remote Desktop Client? Microsoft Remote Desktop client is an application that enables you to access and even control your Windows® computer remotely. As of this writing, Microsoft offers Remote Desktop clients for Windows, iOS®, macOS®, and Android® devices. The screenshot below shows a Remote Desktop Client installed on an iPhone®. For the client to work, you need to … [Read more...]

Parallels Online Demo and Webinar Events

Learn about VDI, virtual workspace, application virtualization trends, best practices, and the latest technology by attending one or more of Parallels’ or our partners’ webinars. Address Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops issues with Parallels RAS How to create highly profitable managed services while providing a “guided shift to the cloud” for your clients Webinar Series: Address Citrix Virtual … [Read more...]

Podcast: What it’s like to Start Your Own IT Website

A lot of people dream of leaving their day job and starting their own business, but for many, the risk, and the leap of faith required to take it, is simply to great of an unknown. For the 40th edition of Defrag This, we spoke to someone who's taken that risk to launch his own IT e-learning platform.  … [Read more...]

Chromebook RDP || How to Use Windows Applications on Google Chromebook

Chromebook RDP – Chromebook Deployment Are you interested in deploying Google Chromebook laptops as workstations but aren’t sure about their capabilities? Are you concerned they won’t support Windows applications and desktops? If you choose the right application and desktop delivery solution, they do support all of that—and provide an intuitive, secure, high-end user experience. Rapidly … [Read more...]

Parallels RAS Offers Delegated Control of Session Management

Delegated Control of Session Management: Custom Administrator Version 16.5.1 of Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) introduced a new level to allow for Delegated Control of Session Management called “custom administrator.” (This new level is in addition to the root administrator and site administrator.) IT management can use the custom administrator level to restrict administrators’ access … [Read more...]