What is an EnMS (energy management system) and why should we invest in one?

This pocket guide gives a practical but strategic overview for leadership teams of what an energy management system (EnMS) is and how implementing one can bring added value to an organisation. It is not a ‘how to’ book but explains why starting the ‘do’ is a good strategic decision.  Energy management is, in one sense, not so much about energy but rather the management of resources. This doesn’t … [Read more...]

ISO 50001: What you need to know about energy management systems

All organisations are looking to gain a competitive advantage. One way of doing this is to use resources more efficiently; after all, less consumption equals lower costs and higher profits.   Of course, responsible energy consumption has proven easier said than done over the years, even with growing public and government interest in pollution.  The fact is organisations need electricity and, in … [Read more...]