MailStore 12.1 Now Available – with Improved Performance, Security and Usability

MailStore, the feature-packed email archiving solution, has been updated with new features and enhancements for better security, performance, and an overall better user experience. Here’s a brief overview of these improvements. Refreshed look for Outlook Add-in: Updated Icons for consistency with the latest versions of Outlook The MailStore Outlook Add-in has been redesigned with a more … [Read more...]

Security Gateway’s Built-in Archiving and Cloud-Based Email Integration Just got a Major Update!

When it comes to email archiving, businesses require features that go beyond simple message replication in order to meet expanding regulations. And because every email solution, whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud, needs strong anti-spam/anti-malware filtering, it makes sense to combine archiving and security into a single product. To address the growing demand for a combined email … [Read more...]

Introducing Security Gateway 6.0 – Now With Archiving!

I’m pleased to announce the release of SecurityGateway 6.0, with integrated archiving, lots of additional data leak prevention (DLP) rules, and more! Here’s a quick overview of what’s new. A complete list of all new features and enhancements can be found in the release notes. Integrated Archiving with Advanced Message Search If you’ve been waiting patiently for SecurityGateway for Email Servers to … [Read more...]

MailStore 11.2 – With Outlook & Exchange 2019 Support & More!

It’s that time again. Our friends at MailStore have released their latest & greatest version of the MailStore archive server – version 11.2, with support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2019, plus continued support for all other email platforms, including MDaemon. “But do I really NEED an archiving solution?” In short, YES! With most businesses relying on email to send … [Read more...]

GDPR final countdown: 20 quick facts at 20 days ‘til the deadline

The GDPR will go into effect in less than 20 days. We have put together 20 quick facts that will guide you in the right direction to prepare you for GDPR. Check out this list. … [Read more...]

Three Ways MailStore Makes Your Job Easier

Unless your business is stuck in the pen & paper generation, chances are you deal with lots…and LOTS of email on a daily basis, to the point where your Inbox is bloated and out of control, causing your email client, and even your mail server, to run frustratingly slow. The solution is to implement an archiving solution such as MailStore.With MailStore, all those emails that pile up on the … [Read more...]

Improve Outlook Performance – Archive your Email to MailStore!

One of the most common complaints of Outlook users is slow performance. We all know how frustrating it is when you launch Outlook, and right away, it freezes or takes a long time to start up, or when the Send/Receive process takes too long. Message search can also slow to a crawl. So what causes Outlook to behave like this? The most common cause is having a mailbox that’s too large. This problem … [Read more...]