Movie stream ebooks gun for John Wick 3 on Kindle store

We discovered a novel spam campaign over the weekend, targeting fans of John Wick on the Amazon Kindle store. The scam itself involves paying for what appears to be the upcoming third movie, turns into a bogus ebook, and goes on to hyperlink potential victims to a collection of third-party websites. How does this begin? With a dog, a grieving assassin, and a pencil. Actually, it begins with me … [Read more...]

Interview with Ryan Birk – Author of “Mastering vSphere” [Video]

For the release of our latest VMware eBook "Mastering vSphere" we talk to author Ryan Birk on being a VMware trainer and what lies in store for readers. Read the post here: Interview with Ryan Birk – Author of “Mastering vSphere” [Video] … [Read more...]