Evolving Data Management at Egan Company

This is the second in a 3-part blog series about Egan Company’s journey to 100 percent virtualization and an almost exclusive reliance on cloud-based, as-a-service apps like Druva Phoenix. In the first blog, we asked Jim Nonn, Egan’s CIO, and Andy Blomquist, IT Systems and Support Manager, about how Egan started off on it’s cloud journey. They continue the discussion below. Read part one here. Q: … [Read more...]

Meet Druva: Abhijit Dey, VP of Engineering, Druva

I’m thrilled to have joined the Druva team, from Veritas, at such an exciting time of the company’s growth. Druva is disrupting the data management and protection industry and evolving how businesses think about and handle their most valuable asset and IP, data. Let me dive deeper into that and why I made the jump to Druva after many years at Veritas. Enterprises are increasingly moving to … [Read more...]

Next Gen DR In The Cloud – The Power of SaaS with Druva

In a world of multiple site failures and data outages, organizations struggle to find the right disaster recovery (DR) solution that fits their needs. There are many solutions in the marketplace to choose from, but how do you know what’s best for your organization? If you have extra budget (lucky you) to spare, you can get a ‘managed service’ to replicate production data and have a DR solution but … [Read more...]

End Ransomware Threats With Good Backups

When the best offense is a good defense Modern enterprise cybersecurity always takes a layered approach. For example, only people with the right passes can enter a building. Firewall hardware protects network perimeters. Security software guards on-premise enterprise applications. This layered, “defense-in-depth” approach, when done right, reduces vulnerability to the onslaught of new and … [Read more...]

Doing Oracle Backup Right

“We have absolutely no backups of Paris whatsoever?” were the words I heard that would change the trajectory of my career in backups. It was 1993, and we had lost a disk drive containing part of an Oracle database that was the purchasing database for a $35 billion company. And we had absolutely no backups – whatsoever. It was my first job in backups and I’d been there just long … [Read more...]

Customer Spotlight: Egan Company

Egan Company has fulfilled a cloud-first policy by becoming 100 percent virtualized and by using as-a-service apps almost exclusively. This three-part Q&A blog series explores why they set a cloud-first goal, how they got there, and why they’ve embraced Druva as their cloud service provider for data management. A specialty building contractor based in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, Egan Company … [Read more...]

Data Management Essentials: Backing up Office 365

Do you need to backup Office 365? Microsoft might have some native protection capabilities, but it does not provide essential data protection and it is important to realize there are things it doesn’t protect you from, like rouge administrator or hackers doing something bad to your environment.Ransomware and Rogue AdminsA perfect example of the importance of backing up Office 365 is a ransomware … [Read more...]

Future Proofing with Cloud Backup

Data backup and recovery has been around almost as long as the data center. For the last 30 years, the idea of backing up data to a box has been the status quo, but does that logic still apply in the age of cloud and distributed databases? As enterprise data moves to the cloud, it only makes sense that cloud backup solutions should also be a top consideration to ensure alignment with the business. … [Read more...]

Filesystems vs. Databases

Originally written January 2009, updated February 2019 It’s interesting to see how databases have come a long way and have clearly out-shadowed file-systems for storing structured or unstructured information.Technically, both of them support the basic features necessary for data access. For example, both of them: Ensure data is managed to ensure its integrity and quality Allow shared access … [Read more...]

Security Is a Corporate Posture

Are you confident in your own technology? We are all quick to answer “yes,” but what about your corporate culture? Is security embedded in your company’s values and thinking? It’s worth taking a deeper look at your approach to security – challenge your own point of view, leverage external perspectives and talk through questions you may have previously dismissed. Information security is of … [Read more...]