A New Platform to Protect All Your Data is Here

What’s in it for administrators?The new Druva Cloud Platform comes with a completely new login experience – a unified login across all of our solutions. Plus, we have further optimised the login experience for administrators who use single sign-on (SSO). Now the login process has been divided in 2 steps, with the first step prompting you to provide your username, and the login service will … [Read more...]

Druva and the Future of Data Management

It’s a reality of a fast growing company that you have to continuously adapt in order to address ever changing market needs. What’s relevant today won’t be relevant tomorrow, much less in the future. This requires you to constantly innovate and evolve, while maintaining agility. It also requires you to listen carefully and work closely with customers to identify not only the challenges of today, … [Read more...]

DMaaS: Druva CloudRanger & Building the Bridge to the Cloud

Companies increasing their adoption of the cloud need a unified data management system for both datacenter and cloud data. They need to know they can migrate an application to the cloud and continue to have its data protected and managed as well as it was onsite. If they migrate workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC), native AWS, or even their data to a SaaS offering like Office365 or GSuite, they … [Read more...]

Druva Achieves AWS Government Competency

Druva today announced that it is deepening its relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS), announcing the achievement of the AWS Government Competency. Druva adds this accomplishment to its list of other similar achievements such as AWS Storage Competency Partner, AWS Public Sector Partner Program and AWS GovCloud Skill designation. The company’s collaboration with AWS further demonstrates … [Read more...]

Backing Up Critical Salesforce Data to the Cloud

People assume that once you’ve sent data to the cloud, there’s a copy somewhere. After all, email lasts forever, right? Likewise, people tend to assume that cloud-based SaaS apps like Salesforce keep data forever — which they do, for limited use cases. The problem is that this partial solution can lull IT managers into a false sense of security. They know that Salesforce has some kind of backup … [Read more...]

inSync 6.0: Providing the Superior Experience our Customers Expect

With the release of inSync 6.0, we’re excited to give our customers a completely redesigned client, providing the best possible experience for Mac users. User experience has always been important to us. Because of the mobile nature of end user data, the backup process has to be as straightforward and lightweight as possible, not interfering with other tasks or monopolizing bandwidth. An obtrusive … [Read more...]

Druva Acquires CloudRanger

Today I’m incredibly excited to announce that we are acquiring CloudRanger, a pioneer in Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions for workloads running on AWS. CloudRanger is based out of Letterkenny, Ireland, and led by founder David Gildea. David and his team will join our organization to help integrate CloudRanger’s technology with the Druva Cloud Platform and build future-proof products … [Read more...]

GDPR Horoscope

From all of us here at Druva, I am wishing you a happy GDPR Day! For many organizations May 25th, 2018, has been an impending inevitable data privacy doomsday of a sort. The amount of coverage around the GDPR has been tremendous, and EU 20,000,000 in fines is by no means a neglectable amount for any organization. In the meantime, there is still plenty of ambiguity around enforcement, … [Read more...]

GDPR Is About To Make Data Breaches A Lot Scarier

Hilton could have paid a fine of over $400 million if its data breach had happened after May 2018 and included European citizens. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect May 25th, and nobody wants to be the first company to be hit with a large fine. The bigger the company, the more its people should worry, and the Hilton breach is a great example of why. The GDPR is aimed … [Read more...]

Using Druva inSync Inside Docker Containers

Druva is no stranger to exploring new technologies and pushing the boundaries of traditional computing practices. Just a few years ago, AWS was still in its infancy and cloud computing was beginning to leverage the power of virtual machines (VMs). Both of them are now fully entrenched in the mainstream workplace environment and form the backbone of every major cloud business in the world. Enter … [Read more...]