Meet Druva: Evelyne Quach

Here at Druva, we believe our employees are our best asset. And we mean it! Our newest blog series, “Meet Druva,” will be proudly highlighting a few of our bright and devoted staff from our pool of suburb employees each month. Learn more firsthand, as they offer an inside look into the culture and community that makes Druva feel like home.  This month, we’d like to introduce you to Evelyne … [Read more...]

Why Druva and Wipro?

 This is the first of a four-part thought-leadership blog series discussing key trends and challenges of data protection in the mobile workforce—and the reasons why Druva and Wipro have formed a lasting partnership. Working together, the companies provide powerful solutions to solve today’s data challenges, enabling industry-leading endpoint data protection. Apple’s founder may have said it … [Read more...]

Mr. Backup: What I’m reading – Cloud Proximate Storage

This week I read Matt Leib’s blog on Cloud Proximate Storage with interest, because I think the idea has a lot of promise for companies interested in the cloud. The idea, which I will explain in a minute, may help to ameliorate some of the physics problems with using the cloud.The Problem: PhysicsThe laws of physics are a bear. I’ve spent much of my career fighting them. For example, they dictate … [Read more...]

The Good Bad & Ugly of Getting Backups Off-Site

Ensuring your backups get off-site is the second most important task a backup administrator is responsible for, second only to ensuring the backups complete in the first place. The “1” in the 3-2-1 rule is that one of your backups needs to be off-site. A copy of the data that you’re protecting should be somewhere other than the data that you’re protecting. Amazingly, … [Read more...]

Key Motivations for Migrating to the Cloud

Find out more on this topic—check out this blog post, “Key Trends: What You Should Know About Virtualization.”Most respondents to Druva’s virtualization and cloud survey did not see cost as their major motivator for moving to the cloud. Actually, only one in five respondents felt that cost was their major driver, as more people felt the important thing was ease of management.This seems to fly in … [Read more...]

Why do I need to back up Salesforce?

Backing up salesforce is one of the most important things to do to protect your sales organization, and there are multiple reasons why it’s important to do so:Salesforce says to do itThe Salesforce.com page on recovering data says that Salesforce recommends to “use a partner backup solution that can be found on the Appexchange.” Even though they have a recovery service, they do not recommend it as … [Read more...]

Frost and Sullivan Gets Druva

Frost & Sullivan gets Druva. That’s the impression one is left with after reading its most recent report on the North American Cloud Data Protection and Management Market, where they presented Druva with their North American Product Leadership Award for its “agile, high-performance, and cloud native data management-as-a-service (DMaaS) platform.” Frost & Sullivan understands what we are … [Read more...]

What I’m Reading: VMworld Edition

The two most interesting pieces of news from VMworld were actually related to Amazon: VMware is going to support NSX-T on Amazon, and Amazon is going to support RDS on VMware. These two topics were covered in three blog articles from ActualTech Media:VMware’s Software Defined VisionVMware + Amazon is Now a Two-Way StreetNotes from VMworld 2018I will only be summarizing these blogs here, so … [Read more...]

Druva Welcomes Guy Churchward As Advisor

One of our core values at Druva is to hire and work with the best and brightest individuals around the world. To that end, I am proud to announce that Guy Churchward has joined the Druva team as an advisor to Druva and executive team. Guy is a seasoned Silicon Valley executive with extensive international experience in engineering, sales, strategy, and market development. Guy has built a strong … [Read more...]

Key Trends: What You Should Know About Virtualization

If there was any doubt that companies are moving to the cloud, Druva’s virtualization survey of 2018 should put them to rest. It shows a clear trend of companies towards the cloud, with a significant trend towards one cloud provider. Interestingly enough, though, many of the same challenges remain.Big change in a small timeThere is a 32% increase since last year in the percentage of companies … [Read more...]