Druva Doc Portal – A Brand New Search Experience

When it’s easier for our customers to find our documentation, it’s easier for them to succeed. With precisely this thought, we have launched a brand new, AI-powered search experience on the Druva Doc Portal and this is just the beginning of the improved customer user experience in 2019. So what’s new? Let’s find out!A significantly better search experienceDruva has integrated Coveo’s advanced and … [Read more...]

Druva On-Demand: Delivering Features in Real Time in the Cloud

With spell checking, if your words aren’t in the dictionary, you click and add them — you continuously improve the app and it serves you better. Likewise, the tools you use to run your business processes, from backups to bookkeeping, serve you better when they’re continuously updated. And with cloud-native SaaS tools, you get new capabilities, enhanced features, and bug fixes quicker without ever … [Read more...]

What You Can Do to Protect Office 365 Data

Don’t Assume Your Data is Safe Microsoft Office 365 has become ubiquitous in business today, but it’s impressive, and ever expanding breadth and depth leaves  customers with increasing gaps in data protection for the mission critical application. While you may assume your data is safe because “it’s in the cloud,” without a proper backup solution, your  ability to meet business continuity, data … [Read more...]

Wake-up Call: Ransomware Makes Cloud DR More Essential Than Ever

Ransomware has made disaster recovery (DR) way more important than it used to be. It has become so prevalent – and consequently damaging to companies – that I believe not preparing for it is nothing short of professional malpractice.  This is especially true because it’s not even that hard, at least not with today’s technology. When you consider that some companies are even suing their … [Read more...]

451 Research: “Druva Turns Up the Heat”

451 Research recently published a close look at Druva’s ascendency in what it calls the “white-hot” disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) market …The global research and advisory firm 451 Research recently published a close look at Druva’s ascendency in what it calls the “white-hot” disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) market. Citing the growing obsolescence of legacy hardware and the … [Read more...]

Perspective on S3 Glacier Deep Archive: AWS’ Latest, Lowest Cost Storage Tier

After unveiling AWS S3 Glacier Deep Archive at re:Invent 2018 in November, last week AWS announced general availability of its newest cloud storage tier. Through our close partnership with AWS, our team had the opportunity to take part in beta testing, and we are incredibly excited by the results so far. The new storage tier is designed to offer long-term retention at the lowest cost in the cloud … [Read more...]

Customer Successes with AWS and Druva: Cloud-Native Data Protection and Management

Seven years ago Druva recognized the disruptive force of a connected future and evolving cloud technology, and how it would change the way we think about and manage information. Druva innovated a new approach to data protection and today, is built entirely on AWS. Together with AWS, we help businesses of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 100 to SMBs, better manage and protect their data using the … [Read more...]

Thoughts from Mr. Backup: Getting Back to Basics

With World Backup Day this Sunday, I find myself going back to the basics. Whether you’ve been doing backups and data protection for a long time or just a short while, it’s always a good thing to review the basics once in a while. This is especially true in today’s computing environments where data is literally all over the place. With that in mind, I present five tips for proper … [Read more...]

Customer Spotlight: Northgate Markets

Druva recently interviewed Harrison Lewis, CIO of Northgate Markets. During this insightful Q&A, you’ll learn about his experience migrating the company’s business processes to the cloud and the recent Northgate Markets deployment of the Druva Phoenix data protection and management solution. Q: Would you give us a quick overview of Northgate Markets’ business?HL: Sure. Northgate Markets is … [Read more...]

Why Egan Company Chose Druva

In this final installment of our three-part Q&A blog, Egan Company CIO, Jim Nonn, and IT Systems and Support Manager, Andy Blomquist, talk about why cloud-based, as-a-service Druva Phoenix is the perfect data management fit for their 100 percent virtualized environment.Q: You mentioned that as a cloud-native backup solution, Druva Phoenix matched the requirements of a disaster recovery (DR) … [Read more...]