5 Forgotten Cybersecurity Best Practices

Data is the life-blood of most organizations nowadays, with the value often being compared to oil or gold. The intrinsic value of data, combined with the rapid increase in the volume of data being generated, has led to widespread increase in cybercrime. Attackers are evolving and improving their approach every day, and many organizations are struggling to keep up. It may even surprise you to learn … [Read more...]

Insider Threat: A Guide to Detect and Prevent Insider Threats

Whether you are a top-secret government branch, enterprise brand or a small business, insider threats should be top of your list of concerns right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re storing documents with market disrupting business plans, proof of alien life or even just a few credit card numbers; the value of data has grown exponentially over the last 5 years. You may think that your employees … [Read more...]

Cyber-Crime is One of the Greatest Risks Facing the World Today

According to the Global Risks Report 2019, carried out by the World Economic Forum (WEF), cyber-attacks and data breaches represent the most likely risk to businesses across North America. This is followed by terrorist attacks, economic instability and a failure to adapt to climate change. The threat landscape is continuously evolving, and businesses are become more reliant on technology. … [Read more...]

Incident Response Plan – A 7 Step Guide

All enterprises should have an incident response plan in place to help minimize the damage caused by a cyber-attack. The plan should enable enterprises to recover in the shortest time possible, with the least amount of money spent, and damage caused to their reputation. The plan should include a list of processes that should be executed in the event of a breach and should also provide a clear … [Read more...]

How is a UEBA Solution Different to a SIEM Solution?

As we are consistently told by numerous Data Breach reports, insider threats are one of the biggest security concerns for enterprises all over the world. The damage that a rogue admin, for example, can cause in your environment is immeasurable. Often, insider threats are difficult to detect and can go undetected for years. User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) is often referred to as an … [Read more...]

The Rise of the Chief Data Officer

You could argue that data in some form has always been an important part of our lives, but never has that been truer than in today’s world. Information technology (IT) and data have become so interlinked that businesses have started to appoint a Chief Data Officer (CDO) to sit next to the Chief Information Officer (CIO). The creation of this position by so many large organizations clearly … [Read more...]

How to Secure Your Data When Working with Remote Teams

Over 80% of senior executives agree that the risk of a data breach is higher when employees work remotely, according to a report by Shred-it. Devices and documents containing sensitive data may get lost or stolen, malware can enter the network via USB drives, and credentials can be stolen from public computers, to name a few of the myriad of threats we may encounter when working with remote teams. … [Read more...]

Schools Report an Increase in Security Incidents Since GDPR Came into Effect

According to recent data published by SchoolsWeek, schools across the UK have seen a 43% increase in the number of reported data security incidents since the GDPR came into effect. According to the ICO, there were 511 reported incidents during the second quarter of 2018, which implies that schools are failing to keep up to speed with the latest cyber-security trends. However, it should be noted … [Read more...]

Focusing Solely on Regulatory Compliance Could Make Your Data Less Secure

Of course, complying with data protection regulations is necessary if you want to avoid hefty fines and costly lawsuits; however, many organizations hold on to the belief that if they are compliant, they are automatically immune from cyber-security threats. Since the threat landscape is dynamic and continuously evolving, our approach to dealing with security threats must reflect this and adapt … [Read more...]

A Quarter of NHS Trusts Have Zero Staff Who are Versed in Security

According to a Freedom of Information Request submitted by Redscan – a penetration testing firm, approximately 25% (24 out of 108) of NHS trusts who responded to the request have zero qualified security personnel. However, some trusts have stated that they are in the process of training security staff. According to Redscan, trusts have spent an average of £5,356 on security training in the … [Read more...]