What is SOAR and How Can it Help to Detect and Remediate Threats

SOAR stands for Security Orchestration, Automation and Response – a term that was first used by Gartner. These days organizations collect large amounts of data relating to events that take place on their networks, and these events can be generated by a wide range of devices, applications and platforms. This data needs to be aggregated and correlated to determine whether a security incident … [Read more...]

How to Build a Business Case Proposal for Information Security

Confidential data is at risk, and the threats to data are likely to increase over the next 12-18 months. At present, analytics predict that there is a 40% chance that any organization could fall victim to an insider threat if proper actions are not taken to improve prevention, detection and response capabilities. Why then, do so many security professionals struggle to get budgets approved for … [Read more...]

How Will COVID-19 Affect Cybersecurity Spending?

This is a good question, but it’s not one that is easy to answer. As it currently stands, most studies indicate that spending on cyber security will increase as a consequence of the corona virus pandemic. According to a recent report by Learn Bonds, 70% of organizations have plans to increase cybersecurity spending following the COVID-19 outbreak, with 55% of large organizations planning to … [Read more...]

Hardening Active Directory and Securing Unstructured Data Stores

Unstructured data is any data that is not stored in a pre-defined schema, and can include Word, text and PDF documents, photos, videos, MP3s, emails, data obtained via social media platforms and various types of personal data. According to a forecast by the IDC, 80 percent of global data will be unstructured by 2025. Unlike a relational database, for example, unstructured data can be difficult to … [Read more...]

Controlling the Blast Radius of an Attack

It should come as no surprise to hear that the faster you can identify and contain a security incident, the less costly it will be, hence why it is crucial that any organization that stores large amounts of valuable data has a tried and tested incident response plan (IRP) in place. Yet, as much as 77% of companies don’t have a formal IRP, according to a recent IBM survey. Of … Read … [Read more...]

Are Healthcare Providers Getting Worse at Preventing Data Breaches?

I would love to tell you that we’re making progress when it comes to minimizing the number of data breaches affecting healthcare service providers across the globe, but unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be the case. In fact, the evidence from 2019 suggests that we may well be getting worse… In 2018, we recorded 503 healthcare related data breaches, with approximately 15 million … [Read more...]

How Much Will a Data Breach Cost You and Can You Reduce It?

According to recent Trends in Cybersecurity Breach Disclosures report, the average cost of a data breach for a publicly traded company is $116 million. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that this figure will be skewed by the largest cases. The report is based on 639 cyber-security breaches that took place since 2011, and includes some of the largest breaches we’ve seen to date, which … [Read more...]

Are Permissions and Access Controls the Answer to Working From Home?

Even before the current health crisis began to unfold, a shift was taking place. Employers were allowing their staff to user their own devices in the workplace – a trend referred to as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). It was a shift that made sense to many organizations as it eliminated the need to buy and maintain expensive devices and equipment. Employees tended to feel more comfortable using … [Read more...]

How Infonomics Can Help You Determine Your Security Budget and Assess Your Financial Risk

Data is the lifeblood of any organization, yet many CISOs still struggle to convey the financial risks associated with the loss or theft of that data. Data breaches continue to dominate the headlines with alarming regularity and new the challenges arising from global shifts in work habits are creating a growing number of risks that organizations have to deal with. These new challenges bring with … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why You Need a Data Security Solution

It’s safe to say that most organizations that rely on information technology to carry out business operations will already have anti-virus software installed and a firewall (that is hopefully configured properly). Most will have some form of access control solution in place, protocols and solutions that deal with backup and recovery, and some (not all) will use encryption to protect their … [Read more...]