Druva Hires ex-Veritas CPO, Mike Palmer, to build the next generation of Druva Products

It’s been an exciting week for the Druva team as we welcome Mike Palmer, our new chief product officer!  The last few weeks have seen many new faces come aboard; from Sue Bostrom joining our board in October, to Guy Churchward who will be a key advisor to the Druva family, to Palmer’s appointment this week to our executive team as CPO. As many of you might know, Mike joins us from Veritas, where … [Read more...]

TechWomen & Empowering Women in Tech Around the World

It has been an exciting past four weeks here at Druva, as we had the opportunity to participate and host an emerging leader in the TechWomen program. What is TechWomen? TechWomen is a initiative of the U.S. Department of State that provides participants access to networks, resources, and knowledge. How does Druva come into play? Let’s dive deeper and find out.TechWomen: A Quick OverviewFirst let … [Read more...]

Druva Welcomes Newest Addition to the Board: Sue Bostrom

It is an exciting time for Druva, as we are quickly expanding and continuing to grow our family. The secret to our success lies within our culture and in the caliber of people that work here: talented, motivated, and passionate individuals. With that said, I am thrilled to welcome Sue Bostrom to the Druva family as the newest member of the board of directors. Sue joins Druva with over 20 years of … [Read more...]

Place your bets: Spotting hot tech and adding some value along the way!

My old chairman of LogLogic once remarked that he benefited greatly from a portfolio of companies, both to spread his bets and enabling him a clearer picture of the macro trends in the market. Most startups have a myopic laser focus, which is critical but also potentially debilitating when scaling based on a narrow field of view. I was afforded this very same benefit when my then boss at EMC, … [Read more...]

Reaching New Heights: Druva Expansion

A few weeks ago, we had an amazing event to open our new office in Pune, India. It was an exciting day for the entire Druva team, as it marked a significant milestone for our growth, as we continue to build a diverse family. This new space will remain the hub for our engineering talent pool and focus on product development, and will support us as we reach for our target goal of 1,000 employees in … [Read more...]

Meet Druva: Evelyne Quach

Here at Druva, we believe our employees are our best asset. And we mean it! Our newest blog series, “Meet Druva,” will be proudly highlighting a few of our bright and devoted staff from our pool of suburb employees each month. Learn more firsthand, as they offer an inside look into the culture and community that makes Druva feel like home.  This month, we’d like to introduce you to Evelyne … [Read more...]

Frost and Sullivan Gets Druva

Frost & Sullivan gets Druva. That’s the impression one is left with after reading its most recent report on the North American Cloud Data Protection and Management Market, where they presented Druva with their North American Product Leadership Award for its “agile, high-performance, and cloud native data management-as-a-service (DMaaS) platform.” Frost & Sullivan understands what we are … [Read more...]

Druva Welcomes Guy Churchward As Advisor

One of our core values at Druva is to hire and work with the best and brightest individuals around the world. To that end, I am proud to announce that Guy Churchward has joined the Druva team as an advisor to Druva and executive team. Guy is a seasoned Silicon Valley executive with extensive international experience in engineering, sales, strategy, and market development. Guy has built a strong … [Read more...]

What to Consider As You Move to the Cloud: DMaaS

The shift to the cloud and “as-a-service” applications means that data now lives in more areas than ever before. What is the approach to solve this issue? Cloud data management. As companies move to the cloud for their apps, whether these are on Platform-as-a-Service or Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings, or run as Software-as-a-Service apps, the cloud becomes the natural home for Data … [Read more...]

What I’m Reading: Google Spanner Pressuring Oracle

In case you’re unfamiliar with it, Google Spanning is the latest product from Google, and it is a database management system (DBMS).  Some see it as a replacement for Oracle, but the folks over at Wikibon expressed significant caution on that front, in their latest blog post by David Floyer, which is what I’m reading right now.The CAP TheoremI would say I’m more than familiar DBMSs, and … [Read more...]