Security vulnerabilities in Internet-connected toys could mean a bleak Christmas

The French data protection agency has issued a formal notice to the manufacturers of My Friend Cayla, a popular doll that captures children’s speech and sends the recordings to parents’ or guardians’ mobile phones. CNIL’s notice comes on the brink of Christmas, and warns prospective present-buyers that the toy has no privacy measures, allowing anyone within nine metres of it to pair with the … [Read more...]

An Garda Síochána launches safe online shopping campaign

Before the Christmas rush, An Garda Síochána (the Irish police force) and Europol have released 12 golden rules for safe online shopping. With the traditional shopping period of 8 December on the horizon, people are looking to online retailers for their Christmas gifts. More than 50% of Irish consumers are expected to shop online over the festive period. During December 2016 there was a 15.4% … [Read more...]

European insurers adopt blockchain technology to protect data

Blockchain start-up Stratumn has partnered with 14 European insurance providers to trial a scheme intended to help organisations comply with data protection laws. According to a press release from Stratumn, the scheme was designed to help streamline the notification process in the context of France’s Hamon Law, but it will also help organisations comply with the EU General Data Protection … [Read more...]

4 cyber security predictions for 2018

At the end of every year, people are bombarded with articles predicting trends and events for the following year. Some of the predictions for the cyber security industry in 2018 are obvious – “cyber crime will rise” – and others provocative – “the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will bankrupt everybody” – but one thing’s for sure: most of them will be wrong. We’ve trawled through … [Read more...]

4 best practices for avoiding cyber attacks

Most organisations will suffer a data breach in the next year, whether it’s caused by a malicious actor or a careless employee. There are no defences you can put in place to eradicate breaches, but there are steps you can take to mitigate the risk of an attack and the damage that they can cause. Software company ObserveIT sets out the best practices for organisations, and we’ve highlighted the … [Read more...]

November 2017 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday

By Debra Littlejohn Shinder Microsoft's updates on this Patch Tuesday address a number of critical and important vulnerabilities in Windows client and server operating systems and OS components, the web browsers, and Office applications. Source:: GFI TalkTechToMe-All … [Read more...]

Investing in infrastructure for backup — Does it make sense?

By Ranjit Nair As a growing share of organizations trust and embrace the cloud, why do we need to incur capital expenditure (capex) and operating expenditure (opex) costs on infrastructure specifically to manage data backup? Requirements for security, availability, resiliency, and management do not justify this old model of IT investment. All of these requirements can now be met far more … [Read more...]

The GDPR Challenge: Protecting a moving (data) target

By Debra Littlejohn Shinder Locating and protecting data at rest is relatively easy, but data doesn't stay still. It moves across the network, from controller to processor to third parties and back. GDPR compliance will require a strategy for dealing with data that's always on the move. Source:: GFI TalkTechToMe-All … [Read more...]

Tenable CEO doesn’t think much of the Equifax, Yahoo cyber breach explanations

By Cayla Baker Amit Yoran's blunt assessment of major data breaches strikes a cord with a Washington Business Journal reporter. https://www.bizjournals.com/washington/news/2017/11/13/tenable-ceo-doesnt-think-... Source:: Tenable News … [Read more...]

Taking the Anxiety out of Service Account Management

By Chris Widstrom “Service Account Management” is a deceptively simple term for a process that can be full of uncertainty and justifiable fears. Service Accounts can be the Active Directory accounts attached to your Windows Services, Scheduled Tasks, Application Pools, and more mission critical services that keep your organization operating and in business. The mere thought of having to rotate … [Read more...]