Email Privacy Issues Your Business Might Have in 2020

Email is among one of the most commonly used forms of communication for businesses, with the number of worldwide email users expected to grow to … [Read more...]

Five Key Benefits of Using Disk Encryption Software at Your MSP Company

When we talk about encryption, often we’re referring to software encryption that requires a user’s password as an encryption key. However, this isn’t the only type of encryption. This guide to the benefits of https://www.solarwindsmsp.com/blog/pros-cons-encryption-everything">hard disk encryption software will define and discuss encryption and how it can aid Linux disk encryption, Mac disk … [Read more...]

Data Protection Pitfalls of Working from Home

The past few months have been trying, to say the least. In the midst of dealing with so many changes and disruptions, many have also experienced the pitfalls of a local-only backup strategy. While managed services providers (MSPs) have focused on setting up employees to work from home, ensuring system access, and working to secure newly remote endpoints, they may have also come to realize the … [Read more...]

What Is Active EDR? 

SolarWinds® Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), powered by SentinelOne, offers multiple features to help enhance your customers’ security at the endpoint level and give you unprecedented control in the fight against cybercrime. Today, we wanted to spotlight one specific feature—ActiveEDR. ActiveEDR tracks and contextualizes everything on a device, helps identify malicious acts in real time, and … [Read more...]

Managed Antivirus vs. EDR: Key Differences to Remember

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Attended and Unattended Remote Support: The Difference Explained

Efficiency and productivity are the foundation of all successful managed services providers (MSPs), but they’re especially important for your customer service and … [Read more...]

VIDEO: SolarWinds MSP Presents—Pinot With John Pagliuca & Joe Panettieri

Welcome to a new and candid video series called "Pinot with Pag and Panettieri". This video interview is a free flow conversation about the increasingly important role of the MSP and the market trends influencing and impacting business success. Released quarterly, you can check out the latest episode below:   Read More … [Read more...]

Do you need to learn PowerShell? And how should you learn it?

When I talk to our MSP partners about using automation in their RMM platform, I often hear comments like: “But we don’t have any scripting/coding experience. We can’t do this.” This isn’t 100% accurate with the SolarWinds MSP platforms, as Automation Manager takes a lot of the coding away. You only need to understand the basics of scripting.  Read More … [Read more...]

How Do You Help Customers Keep Important Documentation?

As companies invest in their digital transformation, document management is an essential area of attention. From customer records and corporate documents to tax information and financial statements, today’s businesses face a deluge of paperwork that’s significantly more cost-efficient to move to their digital infrastructure. Read More … [Read more...]

August 2020 Patch Tuesday—No Emergencies but Plenty to Review

This Patch Tuesday follows the 2020 trend of 100+ vulnerabilities, but unlike last month, no major alarm bells to sound. August brings us fixes for 120 unique vulnerabilities, with 17 of them listed as “Critical,” with 97 listed as “Important.” Only a handful are listed as “Low” or “Moderate.” There are, however, a few listed as “Exploitation More Likely,” and one is listed as “Exploitation … [Read more...]